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A vibrator anal toy is an ideal form of compression of the prostate. The use of the sling ring can improve the pleasure of ejaculation. The multifunctional anal massage stick is made of the top-grade safety silicone. The touch is soft. There are 3 kinds of shapes for different friends. Choice, the common is that there is a ring at the end of the curved shape. This is to let the male friend put the ring on the root of the penis when making love with the female partner. In addition to the effect of locking the essence, put on this massage. After the stick, I have a second penis, which allows the female companion to enjoy the strong interlaced pleasure of Yin and Anal. And if there is only one person can also be very fun, you can slowly enjoy the strong pleasure of anal sphincter contraction, the finger can hold the ring at the end to make the entry and exit more flexible and convenient, a toy has a variety of gameplay, how do you want to play today? ?

A-One's popular "Monastic" specializes in the prostate and this product is a derivative model, it is a somewhat unusual anal product, with a ring on the body of the black smoke. This material is very similar to "Monastic" but slightly softer than Atila. It has enough elasticity and elasticity, but it is not aggressive and seems to gently stimulate the prostate.

There are three types of anal vibrator toys, each with a different insertion shape.

"TYPE.01" supports the smooth insertion of the cone. Although it is a beginner, the maximum diameter is very thick, so it stays inside.

"TYPE.02" is a type of bumpy dumpling. The pleasant feeling when the steps pass through the anus is strong, and the crisp dumplings effectively compress the prostate.

"TYPE.03" is a prostate-specific head reminiscent of Enemagura. It feels like you put your finger on it and is squeezed, you can be accused that the prostate is "the man's G point."

The biggest feature of this work is the lifting ring, which enlarges the fun of ejaculation by tightening the bottom of the bag. There is no dramatic effect, but it also contributes to the stability of the body through the connecting ring.

Also, unlike the manufacturer's method of use, if you pass your penis through the ring and head forward, you can attack two holes, Vagina and Anal. Although it is not as effective as wrinkles, it can tighten the penis too much to increase erection and endurance, and it moves with the piston, so the synchronization rate with the anus side is also high.

Where is the best sex toy vibrator to buy?

Adult Toy Anal Vibrator It can be used for a variety of purposes, from male prostate to dual stimulation of a partner woman. The price is moderate, so once you like the anal pleasure you can buy at the svakom store, you can also place an order on the official website The soft and firm silicone material comes from the original silicone base, and the texture is naturally finer and smoother. The delicate anal vibrator enters the anus more smoothly.