Anal Beads

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Anal Beads

The anal bead is an adult toy. The main ingredient is imported polymer soft rubber. It refers to the beaded masturbation product used by men or women to massage the backcourt. It is native to Japan.

The anal bead vibrator function

It can be used for couples to flirt, female masturbation, through massage and other functions, to stimulate sensitive areas, to achieve treatment, comfort, and improve the quality of sexual life. Applicable objects:

*Successful men and women who are self-love and self-improvement. *Men and women with strong physical libido.*Sexual life irregular men or women.* Men or women who are interested in sex.

Anal bead vibrator use method: stimulating the yam, the backcourt. Main components: imported polymer medical soft plastic color: available translucent white optional. Note: (1). Please pay attention to cleanliness before and after use. (2). Fireproof, high temperature resistant, antifouling

Anal bead vibrator description

Crystal backcourt pulls beads: enjoy the passion from tight to relaxed. Size is large, medium, small, mini.

Backyard vibrator: new upgrade, men's orgasm new experience, shocking attack, G point climax does not hurt the body. Double shocks to drive the prostate, sphincter vibration, egg vibration. When the prostate is shaken, the contraction of the anal sphincter before the shock Form a kind of pull-type physical strength to pull the male synchronous stimulation to the egg to have 3 pleasures to enjoy. By pulling, looking for male sensitive points, feel more intense than the vibration massage. What is the prostate? climax? Let your kidneys rest. Massage the perineal points, external vibrations stimulate the perineum, massage the prostate, go straight to G point, multi-frequency vibration and swing to continuously massage the glands. Rotating the beads, alleviating the tension of the anus PC muscle under internal and external double stimulation Experience the comfort and pleasure. Triple in one, internal and external resonance. Turning the ball to swing and stirring, the new experience in the backcourt. Six rows of beads, three kinds of frequency conversion, rotary massage. Positive and negative rotation massage anal sphincter, so that the backcourt can not help Clipping, the prostate orgasm wave after wave. No need to ejaculate orgasm does not hurt the kidney, enjoy the pleasure, release G point. Different from the ejaculation orgasm that only has a moment of pleasure. When the prostate G tide, the penis will have an erectile reaction but no ejaculation, no There will be a sage mode after the outbreak, the pleasure continues to increase, the climax is repeated. Stirring the flower heart, synchronous turning frequency, 3 frequency swing, slow and fast, freewheeling. Strong tremor, multi-frequency stimulation perineal, 12-frequency vibration combination. Unique head Department, double antenna design in the stimulation of G point, massage scrotum. Smart heating, to better experience the climax. Turn the prostate massager to protect your prostate. Prostate orgasm release fast No ejaculation orgasm does not hurt the body, and the swell of the swell can last for more than ten minutes. The sensation is full of the whole body, energetic after the event, the climax is constant, and the G tide is repeated for a short time.

Where is the anal bead vibrator purchased?

The official website can buy a variety of anal bead vibrators, skin-friendly materials, each product is inspected by quality inspectors, the quality of the big brands is guaranteed.