Butt Plug

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Butt Plug

Anal plug vibrators are also a classification of sex toys, and can also be said to be adult toys. The use of anal plug vibrators is beyond our imagination, from simple silicone, metal texture, plastic, and other conventional materials, gradually evolved into the current multi-function, with vibration to distinguish the various functions of sex toys.

Type of anal plug and vibrator

Anal toys also have a place in sex toys, the classification is generally anal plug (anal plug), pull beads (chain beads) and prostate massage stick. In addition to the prostate, the massage stick is a male-only sex toy, the other two are not divided between men and women. The conventional anal plug is generally rounded under the base and stuffed into it. The plug often has a tail plug, which is said after the gameplay. The basic models generally do not have the function of vibration. Many new anal plugs have their vibration function, and the chrysanthemum enjoys more pleasure with the times. Pull beads are also called chain beads, which look like a bunch of candied haws, long, and a pair of beads are connected. It is also a common anal toy. Unlike anal plugs, lianzhu has different irritations of different sizes. Experienced adults are more inclined to choose the pull beads with vibration function, but the basic anal health care products are the same as the anal plug.

Anal plug and vibrator difference

The prostate massager is well distinguished from the anal plug, and the prostate health product is like a "pistol." The scale and angle of the bend are designed for the anus of an adult male as if stimulating the female G-point massager to bring extraordinary prostate pleasure. In general, the prostate massager currently produced has a vibration function.

Anal expansion

The anal plug is easy to use and can be inserted into the anus. It does not need to be in and out. Adults can have a certain pleasure just by plugging the anal plug. The first time you may have a strong sense of defecation, after some time, use the chrysanthemum to retract and tighten the anal plug. When you are familiar, you will like the feeling of being filled and the anal plug vibrating inside. Just started to play to recommend the choice of the smallest size of the anal plug, the lubricating fluid is an essential match for anal health care products, after all, the anus can not secrete the lubricating fluid. The anal plug has a hard and cold metal or glass material and also has a softer soft rubber material. Also, it has a plush tail at the end of the anal plug. It is matched with animal headwear and plays a sexy and cute kitten and puppy. Companion lust, absolutely fun. Although some anal plugs have the function of vibration, the anal plug alone can bring good pleasure.

Anal plug beads in and out

Slowly put the beads into the anus one by one, the beads will enrich the chrysanthemum slowly, then pull it out slowly, in and out, and feel the feeling of uncontrollable excretion. Just play the best choice of the thickness of the ball, the round ball. Of course, there are also advanced versions. From top to bottom, the beads are getting thicker or the shape of the beads is strange. Every day a bead enters is a kind of stimulation to the anus. The material of the bead is from soft rubber, silica gel to metal. The hardness of the beads is gradually enhanced. The feeling of fullness and excitement is stronger. The bead is also divided into vibration and non-vibration. Similar to the prostate massager, when adults choose health care products, they should not be too hasty. After entering, they will start slowly and then twitch.

The anal plug can expand the sphincter very well, and it can prepare for the love that will be carried out later. You can buy all kinds of anal plug vibrators on this website www.sexxxotoy.com, and start your sex journey immediately!