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Introduction to Best sellers vibrator

Best sellers vibrator feels at a glance, gently turn the bottom function button, climax, passion release. The strong motor trembles, the passion is on the verge, the undercurrent flows, and the joy continues. Minimalist design, sexy streamlined shape, minimalist design, high-end atmosphere. Comfortable, silicone material, waterproof and easy to clean, enjoy the indulgent time. Smooth touch, high quality silicone material, soft silk, easy to clean, waterproof and easy to clean. The details determine the quality, Best sellers vibrator reasonable design, peace of mind to enter, streamline design, easy to enter the body, before the thick and thin, feel the thrill of the size change during the thrusting process, rotate the shift, gently earn, enjoy the climax. Use the method, apply a proper amount of lubricating fluid at the insertion end, rotate the switch, turn on the vibration mode, and bring the stick body into the body, enjoy the pleasure, waterproof and easy to clean, and wash it after use.

Best sellers vibrator can bring a different kind of excitement to the genre of the foreplay, gently slide the bullet vibrator in the sensitive part of the body, and try boldly to trigger your sexy nerves. When you begin to feel the passion and the fire has been ignited, you will be completely immersed in the lingering love.

How to use Best sellers vibrator

The shape of the purple small bullet, a good pink feeling. Also with the remote control, yeah, wow, I feel excited when I think about it. There is a small switch on the head of the small bullet to control the wake and dormancy of the small bullet. Small bullets can only stay active if they are awake

Best sellers vibrator is really great. Other models don't have a remote control. That is to say, the switch and the speed control button are all on the vibrator. As you can imagine, there are a lot of restrictions. Put it in and change the vibration frequency. God's horse, it is impossible. And the remote control can be controlled by the partner, which adds fun. Both people can invest more. Many vibrators have only one mode. The Best sellers vibrator has 3 frequencies + 4 modes. Not only does it have general vibration, it can stimulate sensitive parts, and there is a twisting vibration and want to enter the same vibration. It is too big. Open your eyes. The intensity of the vibration is very strong, and the light is pressed on the body, and a large area of ​​numbness can be felt through the clothes. By the way, the sound is not too big.

On the head of the small bullet, there is a charging port, which is different from the general vibrator. It is usually designed with a battery. If you need to replace the battery, you will also worry about entering the water. The bullets are waterproof and there is no such concern. And waterproof, it can be in the bathroom. There is also a lanyard on the top, it is more convenient to take out, this is really intimate, and with the lanyard can be placed deeper. Best sellers vibrator's remote control has a switch and a speed-control button. The long-press switch is carefully pressed, and the bullet is vibrated. Then press the button of the speed adjustment. The bullet's vibration speed changes with a small vibration. Strong shock.

In the svakom Best sellers vibrator, food grade silicone is soft, high temperature resistant, safe and reliable. The vibrator's skin feels smooth, delicate and close to the body.