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What is Best Dildo?

Penis generally refers to the penis. The penis, also known as the penis, is a basic term for biomedicine, referring to the external reproductive organs of higher vertebrates.

With the advent of the new era, masturbation is no longer something that only men can do. As society continues to open up, womens desire for sex no longer hides. What should girls do without a boyfriend? There have been a series of fun toys to meet the needs of single women, the most popular of which is a dildo. Here to introduce the development history and functional role of the dildo.

Source of Best Dildo

False penis has been around for a long time. Before the ancient times, there were megalithic penis used for penis worship. After entering the modern civilization, fake penis artifacts similar to or larger than the real male penis size appear and are actually used for sexual behavior or masturbation. Some scholars believe that the batons used in modern times are actually products of false penis extension.

Best Dildo material

Today, the material of the fake penis is mostly made of soft polymer rubber material, and the hand feel is similar to that of human muscle tissue, and most of them have battery power drive. Appearance, the appearance of the fake penis is usually made similar to the male penis, and has a variety of skin tones or other colors.

Best Dildo features

Before the 1990s, the function of the pseudo-penis was mostly "vibration". The vibration generated by the false penis can provide about 80 Hz vibration stimulation to stimulate the breast or the upper part of the vagina or other sexual organs to reach orgasm. Nowadays, the fake penis has more functions such as stretching, rotation and peristalsis. It can even extend a small fork with an oscillating effect to stimulate the vagina, and the vibration can be adjusted in multiple stages. Add some oil or a condom in case of insufficient vaginal secretion. Another one is double-headed for 2 people.

Dildo use

In the end, the simulation penis is a model of a male penis, and it has the same experience as a real male. The method of use is very simple. It is nothing more than a reasonable way to imitate the male insertion into the vagina to achieve orgasm.

The simulation penis is divided into electric and manual. Here, we will introduce the use of the electric penis. First, install the battery according to the battery box (except for the electric device), and carefully check the related instructions or icons on the product page. Then apply the lubricating fluid on the surface of the appliance (you can also wear a condom on the appliance first); then slowly insert the aid into the vagina; this is to start the power supply to vibrate the vagina, and the impact reaches orgasm; after the end, To turn off the power, remove the appliance from the vagina and clean it!

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