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What is a female vibrator

Women's vibrators, as the name suggests, are a kind of thing that women use. This kind of vibrator can bring a lot of fun to women, relieve troubles and increase the fun of life. So, what is the feeling of a female vibrator? What are their characteristics?

The vibrating stick is also known as the telescopic multi-function rod. This vibrating stick is modeled after the thrusting action. The rod body can be stretched in the range of 1-3cm, and the different styles combine the vulva to stimulate the vibrating egg, turn the ball, simulate the shape, twist the rod, etc. A variety of functions can be described as super cost-effective high-tech sex toys, such sex toys can make women to the extreme.

Best vibrator for older women

Recommended: small size stick. This kind of vibration mainly stimulates the woman's vaginal opening and G point, which can increase the woman's orgasm chance, flirt and masturbation can be used.

Best vibrator for climax

Appropriate style: G-point vibrator, A-point vibrator, AV vibrator. Recommended: medium size stick.

Based on the average length of the woman's vagina, the size of the insertable vibrator is basically in the range of 5cm to 10cm, and masturbation and flirting can be used.

Female orgasm best vibrator

Recommended: large size sticks. Applicable people: people who are hungry and have special needs.

Size: can enter the vagina more than 10cm

Appropriate style: big head vibrator, wolf tooth vibrator

The best vibrator stimulates the clitoris

For those who use the female double G-spot to stimulate the vibrator, the female double G-spot vibrator can reach the deep heart, and the orgasm is dripping. The female double G-stimulus vibrator streamlined design can directly sneak into the private parts to reach the center of the flower, the impact of the impact makes the climax come to the extreme enjoyment, hearty. Besides, the female double G-spot stimulating vibrator is a keel structure that is fixedly curved. Therefore, at the time of the spurt climax, the female double G-spot stimulating the vibrator body structure is free to bend while playing with the G-point and the clitoris, giving the female friends a double stimulation.

The female double G-spot stimulation vibrator is easier and easier by dialing the frequency modulation. The female double G-spot stimulating vibrator is designed for oscillating vibration, which is simple and easy to experience the most exciting vibration. Besides, the female double G-spot vibrator has a silent enjoyment, just like the effect of the world. The female double G-spot stimulation vibrator has a critical silent motor, which is super quiet, enjoyable and free from noise.

Moreover, the female double-point G-stimulus vibrator adopts a humanized design, and there is no fear of splashing water when used.

For those who can buy a female double G-spot stimulation vibrator, according to the understanding, it can be purchased at some adult product stores. However, in the purchase, you should pay attention to whether you buy inferior products, it is recommended to buy in a regular store.

The best vibrator brand

Of course, the vibrator should also consider the quality factor. It is necessary to select genuine and big-name vibrators to ensure safety in use and bring orgasm to women.