Clit Vibrators

10Multi-Speed Vibrations Oral Clit Silicone Stimulator Vibrators Battery Clitoris Magic Wand Adult Sex Toys Vibrator for Women

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10 Powerful Speed Multifunctional Penis Ring Vibrator For Longer Lasting Erections Boobs Vagina Clitoris Stimulation Sex Toy For Men And Couples


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2 in 1 Rechargeable Waterproof 10 Suction Vibration Patterns Vibrator For Clitoral Sucking G Spot Dildo Vibrator Clitoris Stimulator Sex Toys For Women And Couples


2 in 1 Rechargeable Waterproof 10 Suction Pattern 10 Vibration Modes Vibrator For Clitoral Sucking G Spot Dildo Vibrator Clitoris Stimulator Sex Toys For Women And Couples

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8 Strong Vibration Modes Vibrator Oral Sex Simulator For Clit G Spot Stimulation With Soft Silicone Ticklers For Women


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Clitoris Vibrator Magical Sex Toy Clit Stimulator with 10 Powerful Settings for Women and Couples


Complete Clitoris Vibrator - Sex Toy with 10 Settings for Women and Couples


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There are a lot of sex toys to choose from in life. The common sex toys for women are vibrators, but many people are not very familiar with vibrators. What is the feeling of vibrators? Where is the vibrator comfortable? Introduce for everyone:

When the clit Vibrators is placed in the female genital position, due to the vibration of the vibrator, the feeling of crispness will initially be felt. When the clit Vibrators is in the sensitive part of the woman or the vagina is inserted, the female will feel a kind of slowly. Sexual pleasure.

Vibrator and clitoral stimulator

The clit Vibrators can achieve the climax of ecstasy by adjusting the vibration mode and layering the stimulation of the massage vibrator. Moreover, the vibrator also focuses on the excitement of the vulva and G-point according to the physical condition of the woman and cooperates with the characteristic male genitalia to ensure that you are guaranteed. Enjoy a gentle caress. Its adjustable frequency vibration function meets your passion needs; the positive reversal can also control itself; the twisting function is also arbitrary.

Vibrator on the clitoris

Because the clitoris is a sensitive part of female sexual organs, it is easy for women to reach orgasm. Therefore, shaking the vibrator at the clitoris easily makes women reach orgasm, and natural women feel very comfortable. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive and sensitive parts of women's physiology. It is usually one of the most important sources of anatomical pleasure. The clitoris is also one of the signs of female orgasm.

Best vibrator for clitoral stimulation

Point G is another sexual stimulation point for women. Since the G point is located inside the vagina, the vibrator on the clitoris is required to be longer. Of course, when the vibrator can reach the female G point, it is easy for the woman to reach orgasm. Naturally, women will enjoy sex. Feel and feel comfortable. Point G is the area around the anterior wall of the woman's vagina, which surrounds the urethra and is part of the corpus cavernosum. It is a sexy belt for women that, when stimulated, can cause high levels of sexual excitement and strong orgasm.

How to use a clitoral vibrator?

Step 1, press the sensitive area, hold the rod of the vibrator on the clitoris, and place its head, that is, the vibrating area, on these sensitive points. In the beginning, you can press apart to move, let the woman continue. Enjoy the thrill of vibration. When pressing, you can adjust the frequency of the vibrator. It is usually divided into low, medium and high. It can be kept in one gear during the process of use, and it can also change back and forth.

Step 2, start "draw a circle": After putting the vibrator on the clitoris in the sensitive area of ​​the woman for some time, the woman also adapts to the stimulation brought by the vibrator. At this moment, the man can hold the vibrator on the clitoris. “Circle” and rotate on the sensitive area, that is, press and hold the vibrator in the sensitive area to increase the stimulation to her. The frequency can also be changed at this moment.

The clit Vibrators must, of course, choose the svakom brand, the quality of the big brand is guaranteed, more comfortable and safe.