Couples Toys

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Couples Toys (BDSM supplies, vibrating appliances, time delay cups, vibrating eggs, massage sticks, inflatable dolls), in the usual sense, refer to couples toys used in sexual activities to stimulate human sexual organs or provide a human-like sexual touch. In addition to the foregoing definitions, some furnishings or small toys that are sexually meaningful are also generalized sex toys.

Couples Toys Category:

Men's appliances: Sex toys designed to release male sexual desires, mostly to simulate female lower body or female overall shape. The materials used are mostly silica gel, soft rubber and other materials to achieve a human-like effect.

Women's appliances: Sex toys designed to meet the female sexual needs, mostly rods, such as simulation penis, vibrating rods, turning beads, etc., various materials.

Couples Toys flirts and teases:

Used as a flirt between lovers, it has the tools to enhance sexual desire, stimulate the body's sensitive points, and create a sexual atmosphere, such as jumping eggs, bracelet buckles, leather whip, and clipper.

The meaning of the existence of Couples Toys

The famous sexologists and sexologists in Guangdong Province introduced that the essence of sex products is “sex toys”, and its appearance has positive social significance. Unmarried youth, migrant workers, long-term single-person workers, widowed divorcees, elderly couples, people with physical disabilities, and people with disabilities have a strong demand for sexual health care. More than 5.95% of couples use sex products to enhance their sexuality and friendship, which is conducive to family harmony. The biggest significance of sex toys is to improve people's quality of life.

Couples Toys History

The first documented dildo record originated in the ancient Greek era, when merchants there had already sold what was called "Olisbos". There are stone, leather, and wood. According to the literature, we believe that the buyers of "Olisbos" are mainly single women. In fact, the conclusion of getting this problem is expected. Until today, this view is still Widely accepted (dummy penis is a sex tool for single women). But now we also know that dildo has been widely loved by both men and women. In the mid-nineteenth century, the world's first rubber-made man-made penis was born. Today's rubber penis is more comfortable and more attractive than any previously known man-made penis. The first application of the oscillator was also in the Victorian era, when the oscillator was used to treat the so-called "hysterical", the term was derived from the Greek hystera. There was a misconception at the time that recognizing the "uterus" was the root cause of insanity and turmoil. At that time, women were considered not to need sex, and the use of an oscillator to gain sexual pleasure would be considered shameful. However, the oscillator has been sold in the market for its massaging experience.

The sexxxotoy brand of sex toys has been established for many years. It is not only a private partner for single men and women, but also an indispensable life adjustment product for couples. It can also be a gift for friends.