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The most popular female vibrator crossover vibrators are divided into "hard" and "soft" wild types. Soft and hard, talking about the feeling of materiality. Grace and wildness, talking about the shape of the product.

Female masturbation vibrators are divided into:

Extensive type:

Directly imitating human organs, seeking the greatest degree of visual reduction, the shape is too clear. Very realistic, basically imitating the penis directly. Some are almost as thick as the arms. This is exported to Europe and the United States.

Elegant type:

This surface structure is a bit simpler. The shape of the lines is better than some sticks, and some don't even like sticks. The style of female orgasm vibrators is very strange, each with its characteristics and a variety of. The degree of acceptance is high, and most of the effects are mainly based on vibration function. After all, the level of acceptance is relatively high.


The name of the atypical vibrator is very large and the style is novel. Because it is often recommended, those things, it looks like a comb, ducklings, eggplant, etc. These are all atypical masturbation equipment. Style is not mainstream, and functions are diversified.

The reason for vibrator selection is based on the type of orgasm:

1, vaginal orgasm: because the female vaginal wall is rich in peripheral nerves, vaginal orgasm is also the most typical type of orgasm. This climax brings more and more.

2, female clitoris vibrator: Studies have shown that most women can reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation if you must use a song to describe the clitoris orgasm. It may be the feeling of "itching" numbness.

3, G point orgasm: G point This is what many people know but can't find. The position of point G is about 2-3 cm in the vaginal opening.

4, compound orgasm: compound type, is the convergence of multiple functions, this climax is more real and rich, need to consider vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation, which is the best vibrator for female orgasm.

Female anal vibrators are also the most popular female vibrators. It can also reach orgasm faster when the anus and vagina are inserted into the vibrator during sexual intercourse. For people, try different types of sexual experience, including using vibrators or other enjoyment. The way sex is a good thing. When you masturbate, you can change your posture; you can try the lubricant, but the vaginal vibrator should not be used continuously for a long time; you can also use the vibrating rod to add fun.

Where is the most powerful female vibrator purchased?

Buy sexy vibrator to choose the slalom store official website www.sexxxotoy.com skin-friendly materials, big-name protection, female sexy vibrator, more comfortable touch, 30-dB subwoofer, ergonomic shape, silent waterproof, let you in each You can climax at any time. For those who like to buy a variety of styles to stimulate the vibrator, according to the knowledge, it can be purchased on some adult products website. However, when purchasing, pay attention to whether to buy inferior products, it is recommended to buy on a website with guaranteed quality.