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There are many types of male toys. Inflatable dolls and airplane cups are more common. There are still many types of sex toys for men, whether they are solo or with their partners.

There are many kinds of men's sex toys. Inflatable dolls and airplane cups are more common. There are still many kinds of sex toys for men. Whether they are solo or with their partners, they are doubled and enjoyed. Here is a guide for male sex toys. Introduce male sex toys for you.

Male toys--lock ring

Gentle traps, the shape, size and material design of the lock ring are also various with vibration function, which can be used to improve penis firmness and increase endurance! Enhance the enjoyment and longevity of your partner and partner during the sex ring.

Male toys--flashlight masturbation cup

The shape of the masturbation cup is the appearance of a flashlight, which increases the privacy and mystery, and is easy to carry.

Male toys--inflatable doll

In order to achieve the ultimate realism, the designers also designed a heating device for the male toys inflatable doll. As long as it takes a certain time, the body of the doll can be kept at a constant temperature of 37 ° C at room temperature. The person does not feel that the physical inflatable doll is a cold body.

In the design of the shape, the male entity inflatable doll has also been greatly improved. The solid inflatable doll's hair is made of real materials, and the facial appearance is also greatly improved. Most of them use some AV actresses. Appearance or some well-known beautiful star appearance, the current male simulation entity doll has been able to achieve the real situation. The male entity inflatable doll is the inflatable doll, the inflatable doll or the inflatable doll, which is said to be made according to the physiological characteristics of the female. The solid inflatable dolls are generally made in the shape of a girl, and certainly not excluded. The appearance of anime characters, and the shape of women. The raw materials used in male toys are generally high-grade medical non-toxic soft silicone or PVC materials.

Male toys inflatable dolls for the crowd: couples separated by two places, strong sexual desire men; elderly, sexually impaired men and women and long-term sexual life caused by irregularities; long-term celibacy modernist men; resistant to loneliness, but do not want Casually related to the opposite sex; lack of sexual orgasm, sexual excitement, sexual desire is too strong and other sexually extreme people.

Svakom store male toys are soft, high temperature resistant, safe and reliable. Male toys skin feels smooth, delicate and close to the body. Subjected to the double test of temperature and humidity changes, it is allowed to fall in the free direction of the bare metal, the bending rod is still sensitive for thousands of times, it is subjected to tens of times its own weight, and the internal metal passes through the salt spray test chamber to prevent corrosion.