Rabbit Toys

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G-spot Clitoris Rabbit Vibrator Pink Waterproof


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Little sweetheart rabbit toys7 frequency shock waterproof massage stick, waterproof design, super-fashion design and workmanship are smooth and fine, bring out a variety of different levels of massage procedures, giving unprecedented shock feeling.

Rabbit toys are made of imported silica gel, small, waterproof, and have a new 7 kinds of shock mode, easy to operate. Dazzling colors, cute shapes, and beautiful shapes add a touch of color to your happiness. The real feeling gives you real enjoyment, and the illusory sex makes you touch the emotions deep in the soul!

How to choose rabbit toys double head vibrator

There are great differences in the quality, size, function and material of rabbit toys. The following points will help the selection of products;

Rabbit toys silicone is always the most suitable material, mainly because of safety and hygiene. For those products like jelly or odor, it should be used together with condoms.

Rabbit toys--Honey end size

The size of the product on the market is very large, but for novices, you should not choose too thick and too long products, otherwise it may cause deep pain in the insertion, and the honey bean end can not massage the honey bean. .

Rabbit toys--leaf beads

The classic rabbit ear honey point stick is filled with rotatable beads in the middle of the honey hole end. Many women reflect that the rotating ball beads can bring a very comfortable feeling to the honey hole; some women report that if the positioning is correct, the beads are arranged. Can accurately massage to G point. Although some of the products' beads are exposed on the rods, they will bring too many sanitary corners and are not easy to clean; and the external rows of beads are too abrupt to the honey.

Rabbit toys--vibration

Technically speaking, the vibration, rotation, twisting, thrusting speed and frequency of the rabbit toys should be adjustable. Even the rotation and twisting directions of a few products can be controlled; the vibration mode has more Speed ​​or pulse selection. But as the function increases, the price will naturally rise. For most people, the adjustable vibration + twisting basics will meet the requirements.

Rabbit toys--mass intensity

For almost all rabbit toys, the strength of the toy follows the following principles: Plug-in > Charging > Battery. However, for the double-headed honey point stick, there is almost no plug-in type of product, so for users who have strength requirements, the charging type is the best choice, and it is also more environmentally friendly, and the later use cost is lower, but it will be better than Battery products are more expensive.

Rabbit toys recommends starting with products that are simple in function and quality guaranteed. Products with low prices and complicated functions are usually not guaranteed in quality and have serious material safety hazards. Infinitely variable speed products are always the best choice for the first sex toy. All rabbit toys can be purchased on the official website www.sexxxotoy.com, and the quality of the big brands is guaranteed.