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Female sex toys are divided into G-point vibrating sticks, multi-point vibrating sticks, simulated penis, flirting eggs, AV vibrators, back court pull beads, vulvar stimulation, double breast stimulation, wearing toys, and sexy underwear.

Male toys are divided into manual aircraft cups, electric aircraft cups, female names, hip chest molds, inflatable dolls, prostate stimulation, lock fine delay. The love of two people is divided into body props, male and female resonators, vibration collars, SM costumes, lesbian toys, and gay toys. Erotic clothing is divided into one-piece dress socks, sexy dresses, passion three points, uniform temptation, sexy underwear, stockings legs. Female masturbation is divided into penis orgasm, G-point orgasm, multiple orgasms, clitoris orgasm, and wearing orgasm. Male masturbation is divided into yin climax, anal climax, oral climax, prostate orgasm, hunting orgasm. The most popular sales of sex toys is the vibrating stick. The following is a detailed introduction for you.

The principle of Sex Toys vibrator

According to the principle of medical bionics, a woman uses a vibration stick to control the vibration amplitude to let female friends feel the pleasure, massage the user's sexually sensitive parts, stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, and be cold and lacking for females. Or sexual desire and other excitement can get a moderate order to achieve a physiological balance. In menopause, the vagina can remain elastic, avoid urinary incontinence and other diseases, avoid the disuse of the vagina, achieve physical therapy, increase interest, and ultimately improve sexual function and effectively improve quality.

Types of Sex Toys vibrators

Nowadays, there are many brands and styles of vibrators in the market. Here are a few good female vibrators:

Telescopic vibrating rod

Form: The shape of the telescopic vibrating rod is closer to that of a man's sexual organ. After power-on, it can flex and retract itself, and the frequency can be adjusted.

Function: The telescopic vibrating stick can bring a woman a real thrust, and it is the best choice to use comfort.

Turning rod

Form: The bead stick is very important when working. Under normal circumstances, the body is out of the straight state, does not bend, does not mean to twist. Instead, like your electric drill, turn your body.

Function: The surface of the bead stick will cover a lot of floating points, threads, and even spike-shaped nails. It is very effective in teasing the vulva and the inner wall of the vagina.

G point vibrator

Form: The shape of the G-point vibrating rod is similar to a small stick. The length and thickness of different styles are different.

Function: Some G-point vibrating rods have a smooth surface and the front section is tilted upwards. The purpose is to make the raised parts better stimulate G points. Some G-point vibrating rods are similar in shape to fake penis, but they are shorter than the roots. A section can stimulate the vulva and clitoris.

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