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There are many types of women toys, which can be described as strange. In order to improve women's sexual interest, manufacturers can arbitrarily use flexible toys. Women's toys can obviously adjust the quality of sexual life between couples and improve the relationship between husband and wife.

Which women toys are the most exciting?

Because this is a fundamental simulation of the so-called "then words" of men, it can directly bring shocks visually, and is basically used as a piston movement (not to exclude a small number of specially designed products containing G-spot stimulation, etc. ), the general material is very soft and flexible, which makes people love it. Basically, this kind of product has the function of vibration, which can adjust the frequency of vibration. The product with suction cup can also fix the posture, and it is convenient for more creative game selection. This type of female sex toy has the most potential for explosive orgasm.

Women toys--jumping eggs

The jumping egg not only has the most basic piston function, but is often used as a flirt. You can use it as a venting scent. It can also be used by both men and women. It can stimulate the clitoris, even the back court, and the handle switch. , adjust the vibration speed to the appropriate frequency. A strong sense of vibration will definitely give you an unexpected surprise. At the same time, some product designs also come with the function of flashing lights. Can you imagine how much fun will increase? Whether it is the most ideal sex toy between men, women and couples, the women's toys have more privacy and are easier to collect without being discovered.

Women toys--G point stimulator

This type of female sex toy is a special female sex toy that is generally 6-8 inches long and can be bent. This curved design can touch any part, allowing you to experience the special stimulation of the G point. Strictly speaking, the G-spot stimulator is not entirely in the category of female sex toys. The boys also know that the strange stimulation it brings in the backcourt game can actually reach the prostate! For entry-type appliances, a completely alternative stimulus is provided, and women who have a vaginal orgasm love it.

Women toys--retractable beads

Also known as the telescopic bead stick, combined with the jumping egg, G-spot stimulation, simulation JJ, etc. N kinds of different functions, can be described as super cost-effective high-tech sex toys, the head imitating the fake penis can swing, With a small brush that stimulates the clitoris, the balls can stimulate the G-spot, and the possibility that such women's toys will make women outbreak instinct will never be lost to the fake penis. Classic great!

The sexxxotoy brand of sex toys has been established for many years. It is based on people's feelings and pays attention to people's emotional world. Each product is treated with care, unique design style elements, combined with modern fashion aesthetics, so that the products show an artistic flow. The shape and aesthetics of the line create an ergonomically pleasing product with a soft touch. Tune your body, it is more charming than anything else.