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Cambridge dictionary defines “Bachelor Party” as a party for a man who is going to get married, to which only his male friends are invited. The different country recognizes “Bachelor Party” by a different name. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and Commonwealth countries, people call it as ‘a stag night’, ‘a stag weekend’, ‘stag do’ or ‘stag party’. Whereas, in Australia, it’s celebrated as ‘a buck’s night’. In the United States, it is commonly known as ‘Bachelor Party’. Above all, it is a party held for the man who is shorty going to get married. With the assistance of a planning company, the groomsman plans a bachelor party.

Los Vegas is considered as one of the hottest spots for a bachelor party as well as the wedding ceremony in the United States. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to find that most of the young fellas prefer to go for ‘destination bachelor parties’ rather than ‘standard nights out’. Especially, American people love to travel to Montreal, Miami, Quebec City or Mexico to celebrate ‘Bachelor Party’.

How do Americans celebrate a ‘Bachelor Party’?

Particularly in the US, a bachelor party often entails the massive consumption of alcohol, hiring a stripper, and typical rowdiness, about which the soon-to-be bride is not familiar with. In short, the characteristic feature of a bachelor party is that this party doesn’t involve the presence of the fiancée.   

Bachelor party carries so many excitements in today’s youths, as they believe that it’s the last night with full freedom from his soon-to-be wife. It’s also usual to find a cake cutting ceremony in some groups. In Canada, a bachelor party is celebrated by a group of bachelors celebrating their singleness. In India, the party is thrown by the groom’s friends.

“Bachelor Party” or “Booze-Addled”?

Yes, you heard right. The purpose of celebrating a bachelor party is to enjoy the “last night of freedom”, and it’s their excuse to drink heavily, and display rash behaviors. Well, they call it a purpose-based manner to strengthen their bonding and recall the memories of past schooling life. In short, it is quite responsible to say that a ‘bachelor party’ and ‘booze-addled’ go side-by-side.  

Shall we call it a “Sex Fest”?

What, if I say, ‘talking sex’ is as formidable as ‘having sex’? Drinking is almost everything during a bachelor party, and it is followed by guys’ showtime thereafter. Perhaps, it won’t be fair enough to relate to a bachelor party with a sort of sex fest. There are a lot more to do when you have full freedom to practice any type of crazy acts you desire, it’s because the atmosphere demands that.   

So, how good is it to call it a “Horrific Mess”?

Consciously, a bachelor party is definitely a ‘horrific mess’.  Do you remember, how awesome it was to hang out late night, eating junks, blasting cheap beers for 2 whole days straight? If you’ve remembered, I guess you’ll call it “the legendary weekend”.

Now, you’re rich, you’ve enough bucks to opt for a luxurious stay, and hit McDonald’s for the most expensive deals, and buy some expensive ‘Vodka’, but you just can’t forget those precious memories. Well, our discussion was to shed some light on “horrific mess” that happens during a bachelor party. How do you define, a night, when nobody showers, empty beer cans are rolling on the floor randomly, smoking ashtray is full of cigarette butts, and everyone is noisy, some of them even out of shirts, and some of them can’t even walk properly? If you have got the answer, then do thank me later.

“A BABY GUY” and the “Bachelor Party”

There is always someone in the group, who acts like a baby and fears to be arrested due to over-drinking, though all of you might have drunk the same amount. So, make sure you ask “your guy” not to act like “a baby guy” afterward.  

Where there is alcohol, there is a fight!

It might not be true for everyone, but it’s for sure very common to see among young people, although such fights are not fierce in many circumstances. A fight breaks down apparently for no reason, especially during a drunken belly flop contest, arm wrestling match, or go-kart crash.

“Bros forever” & the “Bachelor Party”

Especially, after the above-mentioned fight, over 2 minutes of tight hugging, and “I love you, Man” pop out, and this time too, apparently for no reason.


We stand with our customers to celebrate every joyous moment they underpass; let us be your good friends to celebrate your “Bachelor Party”. If you are looking for some exciting products from us, please visit our official website and achieve the most out of your “sex fest”.