Bachelor Party Sex

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Bachelor Party Sex

Bachelor Party Sex

Trying to search for Bachelor party sex-related questions, I end up finding a set of exciting viewpoints. So, let us get started to agree to disagree. 

"My friend cheated at his bachelor party, and he said that the sex was meaningless and he did not count. Is it still cheating if it happens at the bachelor party?"

Though just a two-line question, it is not easy to answer. Because most of the things that happen during a bachelor party are meant to be confidential and private, some people think that as long as the fiancée does not know about it, it is OK. Some people believe that the groom trapped in bachelor party sex is not an innocent act, and cheating to his soon-to-be partner. Some people even relate this act with religious viewpoints, and that is the situation when the perspectives turn even worse. 

When the groom and his squad hit a strip club?

A single man having sex with a stripper at the strip-club bachelor party does not sound uncommon. Grooms-to-be are prone to cheat most of the times when they do so. A notion among our generation's men that everything is right during bachelor party night is something that pulls men out of their physical-control zone, and choose to have a one-night stand (ONS) night before the wedding.


If you ask this question to women, almost 100% of the ladies will probably agree. However, ask this to men, and you may end of confusing yourself. Because, there are some decent brothers, who believe that esp. sleeping with someone before getting married is cheating to his fiancée. Moreover, half of the men would make excuses saying that I was drunk, and failed controlling myself. Some people even say, Fun is OK; Sex with a stripper is not OK.

What happens in LA remains in LA! Do not ever expose it to the public.

Statistics show that many cases of Bachelor party sex are never disclosed, and are meant to be confidential among the members of the bachelor party.  

What IF the fiancée knows about her soon-to-be husband having sex with a hooker?

Not to be precise and rude, but it is no doubt to say that some ladies would choose to no accept no wedding after this incident. Well, that is not the case every time. In the end, personal thoughts and perceptions may differ from a person to another. So, what is the reason behind this disconnection of viewpoints between men and women? The answer may lie in the gender-based differences. 


Want to learn more? Here are the resources! Could you pick them up?

Watch The Hangover movie, and try to read Sex and a Bachelor Party (Erotic Romance) by Sharon Cummin. Some of your curiosities and confusions might become clear after you finish. You may need to watch Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation, a sex-comedy show started in 2008 by Fox Home Entertainment for even more in-depth insight to Bachelor Party Sex.

What do you need for Bachelor Party Sex?

In a nutshell, a set of good useful sex toys will do the business.

Order your best bachelor party sex toys just in one-click at and be the part of this craziest night ever.