Cock Rings

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Cock Rings

What is a cock ring?

A cock ring (aka cockring) is a ring-like male sex toy designed to be worn around the penis, usually at the base. The function of a cock ring is to restrict the blood flow from the erect penis to sustain a stronger and more prolonged erection. You may find cock rings quoted with various names such as C rings, penis rings, shaft rings, erection rings, and tension rings.

Background motivation for using cock rings

Cock rings are found to be used for two general areas: medical and recreational. A man suffering from erectile dysfunction may need to use cock rings. Secondly, cock rings can also be used during sex or masturbation to achieve prolonged or enhanced erections. Moreover, cock rings also help to delay orgasm and may enrich the sensation of tightness and enlargement.


As far as the basic principle is concerned, almost all cock rings are the same or close to the same. However, there are various designs available to explore.

·       Vibrating cock rings (clit vibrator attached to cock)

·       Adjustable cock rings (can be loosened or tightened)

·       Anal play cock rings (customized for anal play)

·       Cock rings for couples (designed for couples)

·       Metallic cock rings (e.g., metal d ring)

·       Silicone cock rings (soft and stretchy)

Benefits of cock rings

·       Maintaining durable and faster erection

·       Release the performance anxiety and buildup your confidence

·       Lengthen the time of orgasm, and enhance the orgasm intensity

·       Help couples to achieve a better sex

What should you look for in cock rings?

Before purchasing a cock ring, you need to consider some essential factors. Here is the list with few of them.

·       The Material (Metal for expert users and silicone for new users)

·       Tightness (tighter rings & solid materials)

·       The Texture (typical ring, or textured ring?)

·       Vibrations (e.g., vibrating rings)

Guidelines for a safe use

·       The too-tight cock ring can make your penis numb. You need to make sure if it fits you well.

·       Don't wear it for more than 20 minutes, it may injure your penis. If your penis gets numb, pain and sudden change in the skin color appears, remove it straight away.

·       Before using a cock ring, shave your pubic hair.


The prolonged wearing of cock rings is slightly risky. It is believed that wearing cock rings for more than 30 minutes is not recommended. Secondly, using cock rings when you are intoxicated with illicit drugs can cause injuries. If you observe some signs such as numb, painful and cold penis, you must remove the cock ring asap.