Penis Sleeves

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Penis Sleeves

What is a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve (aka a sheath) is a cylindrical shaped object specifically designed to fit over penis, which adds size, shape, length or girth to the real penis.

What is it made of?

Penis sleeves are usually made of plastic, rubber, or silicone. They with hollow designs to allow easy insertion of the penis. Either one or both ends may be open, and the covering shells may constitute openings or entirely stable. However, some designs represent lumps and bumped textures for enhanced stimulation.

Choosing a penis sleeve

·       Material (Silicone types are the most widely adopted.)

·       Fitting (enough flexibility, sufficient snugging, no slippage)

·        Vibrators (for extra excitement)

Fitting and using sleeves

Variety of penis sleeves found nowadays are self-attaching ones. In a typical self-attaching penis sleeve, it consists of a tight fit opening, where the penis is inserted. However, it's reasonable to find the entire sleeve too tight for the erect penis that prevents the sleeve from falling off due to slippage. Moreover, penis sleeves with straps are also quite popular nowadays. The strap used in a penis sleeve is tied around the testicles and prevents it from falling off during the sexual intercourse.  A penis sleeve is hollow insides, whereas it may contain either one end open or both ends open. Penis sleeves are available with various sizes and textures and are quite popular among men today.

Why use a penis sleeve?

For the men worrying too much about the size of their penis, penis sleeves can be one of the right choices. An exceptional design of a penis sleeve provides additional length or girth to an erect penis, and assists in superb bed performance. Different models have an unusual amount of extra length, and it usually lies in the range of a few fractions of an inch to an inch. Such modification in the shape and size stimulates the sex fanaticism among women.  The friction of the sleeve in combination with the thrusting vagina provides a sensational experience to the partners. It’s been found that penis sleeves are trendy among most men. A penis sleeve can turn you up in no time as it sparks eroticism and builds confidence by providing you an increased penis size, along with excellent sexual stimulation. 

How safe is it to use a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve is safe to use, given that you have got the right one. However, in some cases, it may cause irritation to the penis skin. In such situations, it is therefore suggested to use some kind of oil or lubricant for protection. The choice of oil must be targeted for strong and healthy skin.