Discreet Vibrators

5Color 7AAABattery One-Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator G-spot AV Stick Waterproof Clitoris Stimulator Adult Sex Toys for Women Female

$15.28 $34.80

Black Multi-Speed Bullet Vibrator Sex Toy for Women Vibration Vagina Vibrator Clitoris Stimulator Female Massager Adult Toys

$22.80 $32.79

Multi-Speed Bullet Vibrator Vaginal 5Colors 7AAABattery Vibrator Clitoris Stimulator Adult Sex Toy Erotic Masturbator Massager for Female Women

$16.50 $29.43

One Speed G-Spot Bullet Vibrator Masturbator Stimulator Adult Sex Toy for Women Anal toy Erotic For Women Female

$21.56 $28.95

Red Purple Powerful Bullet Vibrator Delivering Intense Clitoral Stimulation Mini G-spot Stimulator Vibrator Adult Sex Toy for Women

$23.96 $34.86

Love Egg Vibrator 10-Speed Vibrator USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator Silicone Massager with Flower Bud


Mini Bullet Shape Vibrator Waterproof 16 Speed Vibration G-spot Massager Clitoris Vibrator Sex Toy for Women


Sleek 7 Inch ABS Vibrator for Anal Play Vagina Clit Stimulation and Spot Relaxation

$19.50 $37.90

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Discreet Vibrators

Few people feel too secretive about sharing anything about sex. They’d never feel comfortable to share their sex-toy preferences. Primarily, you want to make your toys accompany you while traveling, these little gem discreet vibrators are the must-to-have. It is also common to have noisy roommates or flatmates, who like to knock your door more often every day. If you worried about this, then you are still not out of options. The presence of discreet vibrators can solve this problem without any side-effects. Discreet vibrators are small, quiet, and pretty cool toys.

What are Discreet vibrators?

As the name suggests, discreet vibrators are designed to provide overall vibrators are intended for more discreetly.

Key design features of Discreet vibrators

Discreet vibrators come with cunningly camouflaged designs such as a makeup brush, lipstick, compact case, or even a rubber ducky. Discreet vibrators can easily blend with the everyday items you use at home. Discreet vibrators don't really look at sex toys and come in small sizes and various shapes. Discreet vibrators are quiet, rechargeable or battery-powered, and waterproof. These cool features are enough for the perfect journey to your undercover pleasure. They offer locking systems which prevent accidental turn-on. Additionally, it is so easy to recharge as it comprises of a USB port.

Why is Discreet vibrator essential?

Discreet vibrators help to pump up your passion without any crazy advertisements of your pleasure. They are quiet, unseen, and maintain 100% confidentiality to your private life.  Discreet vibrators are superb to have with while traveling.

What makes one vibrator quieter than another?

Several factors determine the level of noise from the vibrators. They are as follows:

Material: Mostly, sound-insulating materials are useful to reduce the loudness level of the vibrator. Silicone is called as one of the best materials like the insulation it offers to sound remarkably broad.

Motor: There are various models and designs of motors nowadays available in the market. The exceptional quality motors comparatively produce less noise than the poor-quality ones.

 Size: Larger is the surface area of the vibrator, higher will be the amount of air replaced when it vibrates and hence produces a louder noise. That is why bullet vibrators and small vibrators are found to be quieter than the big ones.

External v/s Internal: Your body acts as an insulator to the sound produced by vibrator. So, for the toys designed for internal stimulation (for e.g., lovense lush), loudness is not a problem as these toys are practically silent while under operation.  

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