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Understanding Vibrators

A vibrator is known as a sort of sex toy that is used on the body for sexual stimulation desired to achieve pleasure. It has gained immense popularity nowadays as it helps to release sexual frustration and achieve orgasm. Sexual therapists usually recommend the use of vibrators to women who are incapable of reaching orgasm through masturbation or intercourse. Considering one of the examples for the use of a vibrator, it is worth mentioning clitoral stimulation. However, they can be applied to other erogenous zones and can be used by both men and women.

What is the science behind anal vibrators?

The function of a vibrator is to stimulate a vibration or massaging. Such stimulations are powered by a specific electrical power source such as electric motor, electromagnetic coils, battery, power cord, airflow from a vacuum cleaner.

Who can use bullet vibrators?

Most of the vibrators available in the market consist of an electric power source, that propels the device for pulsation and throbbing. Vibrators can be distinguished based on their shape, size, models, and their end-users (i.e. men or women). Apart from the vibrators used by women for clitoral or vaginal stimulation, there exist quite a few vibrators which can be used by both partners for deep sexual stimulation. In addition to their extensive use by individuals, the profound use of such vibrators has been found out by couples who want to enhance the pleasure of both partners.  

Where to use g-sport vibrators?

A vibrator, in general, functions as a massager, that produces a stimulating vibration. Vibrators are specifically designed for erogenous, such as the clitoris, the vulva or vagina, penis, scrotum or anus, for sexual stimulation.

What kinds of clit vibrators are available in the market?

A wide range of vibrators are available nowadays but most of them can be distinguished in the following categories:

·        Clitoral vibrators- external stimulation of the clitoris

·        Dildo-shaped vibrators-vaginal, anal penetration, and oral penetration

·        Egg or bullet vibrators: for clitoral or penile stimulation and vaginal or anal insertion

·        Waterproof vibrators: designed for wet-use such as in the shower

·        Rabbit: stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously

·        G-spot vibrators: designed to stimulate the g-spot or prostate

·        Bendable vibrators: to stimulate hard-to-reach erogenous zones

·        Programmable and remote-control vibrators: pre-programmed or controlled remotely

·        Pocket rocket vibrators: Stimulation of the clitoris or nipples

·        Undercover vibrators: discreetly shaped as everyday objects, such as lipstick tubes, cell phones, or art pieces

·        Anal vibrators: anal use

·        Butterfly vibrators: clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse

·        Vibrating Cockring vibrators: attached to a cock ring for stimulation of the clitoris

·        Dual area vibrators: to stimulate two erogenous zones simultaneously or independently

·        Triple area vibrators: to stimulate three erogenous zones simultaneously or independently

·        Multi-speed vibrators: customized pulsation or massaging speed

·        Smart vibrators: Operate with Bluetooth connections for remote control over the internet, programmed vibrations, etc.

Is using vibrators legal and ethical choice?

In some countries like India, the possession and sale of vibrators are illegal and prohibited, though they can be sold online.

According to an American bioethicist and medical historian, Jacob M. Appel, sex toys are designed for social well-being, and these devices serve as “marital substitutes”. He also pointed out that these devices have a significant advantage in the emotional lives of millions of Americans.

Where to buy vibrators in the US?

Vibrators can be bought both online and offline. In the US, one can choose to visit chain retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, Target, and Walmart, as well as at the other offline stores. is no doubt, the most cost-effective and reliable online platform for online shopping.

How safe is it to use vibrators?

It is highly recommended to read “instructions to use” for proper knowledge before using it for safer sexual health. Secondly, you need to make sure to choose a good quality vibrator, even you have to add some extra bucks for it. Henceforth, make sure to do proper cleaning in order to avoid any sort of bacterial infection.      

Choosing the best vibrator

The key features of vibrators include affordable price, shape, size, materials, capacity and lifetime of the power source, reliability, dependability, portability, and easy to handle.


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