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Sexy adult supplies glass crystal penis ice fire female masturbation appliance backyard anal plug double head

Sexy adult supplies glass crystal penis ice fire female masturbation appliance backyard anal plug double head

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Product information:

Material: glass

Color: color

Attributes: Anal, Yin Toy

Product size: full-length 6.7inches, diameter: 1.06inch

Beautiful shape design, colorful and novel, she is not only exquisite arts and crafts, it will add warmth and romance to your bedroom when placed on your bedside, but also your companion

While enhancing the stimulation of the inner wall, the feeling of entering each section is completely different, whether it is 1/3, 2/3 or all of them. With the heat and cold resistance, it can be warm or frozen. The scattered small crystal bumps enhance the frictional stimulation of the inner wall and stimulate the A points, G points, and U points without dead angles in all directions, which will not scratch the soft skin inside the body.

The exquisite round head is full of colorful bumps, forming its chic trunk, allowing you to experience the different thrilling experience when entering.

The crystal glass penis has very good workmanship, safe, luxurious, novel, exquisite and clear, very beautiful! Especially there is no silicone odor of ordinary appliances, clean and convenient; it can also be used after heating or freezing, and it can be stimulated by fire and ice; it is also suitable for handicrafts as gifts, Trendy special!

The beautiful curve design, exquisite and clear, beautiful and luxurious, let you experience different pleasure when entering, naturally without losing the original taste of enjoyment! Make your sex more fun! At the same time, it is also a rare decoration boutique, which will make your boudoir more fragrant; this product can also be heated or used with ice, to bring to your private and backyard the two-day stimulus and pleasure of ice and fire, if You are really a master of sex, then you must not miss it!


 The head can effectively stimulate the G spot

 Solid design, feel more use

 Can be used after heating or freezing

 No fading, no rust, no power, no wear

 Made of Swarovski high-quality crystal glass raw materials, safer and more secure

 Full body bump design, which strongly stimulates the inner wall of the vagina

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