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Automatic male masturbator

The masturbation stick stimulates the sensitive parts through high-frequency vibrations, which makes people feel numb all over the body, makes people feel free and happy, improves sexual pleasure, and can promote blood circulation and regulate endocrine during the female private massage. The coldness also has a therapeutic effect, so, in addition, who else is suitable to use an automatic male masturbator, what is the role of an automatic male masturbator?

Who is suitable to use an automatic male masturbator?

An automatic male masturbator plays an important role in meeting the actual needs of specific groups of people. Singles and widows can alleviate sexual tension and obtain sexual satisfaction with sex products. Not married for various reasons, especially the disabled, can use this to meet physiological needs. Women in menopause can use an automatic male masturbator to maintain vaginal elasticity to avoid urinary incontinence and other diseases. For some women who cannot reach orgasm, the use of an automatic male masturbator is beneficial to the adjustment of sexual psychology. Long-term seafarers, long-term single miners, long-term geological personnel engaged in field operations, etc.

Because they are often separated, both spouses may have the need to use sex products. In addition, for couples with sexual dysfunction, sex products can also be used as a treatment tool. The use of an automatic male masturbator can reduce extramarital sex and is conducive to family harmony and stability.

The role of automatic male masturbator

Stimulate the honey beans, soothe the whole body, hit the vibrator to the first frequency, hold it in reverse, use external vibration to stimulate the vulva, no accidents, you can be numb in a few minutes, the honey canal is flowing, and the contraction becomes tight. Gradually enter the realm and step into the main scene Slowly insert the vibrating rod into the soaked honey channel 6-7cm, pumping friction back and forth, and the waves of pleasure are endless. Open the G-point choppy waves Insert the vibrator completely into the body, and feel the real thrill of interlacing vibration. High-intensity stimulating water spray orgasm Turn the frequency to the maximum, and use both hands to do the thrusting movement, and quickly dial out when you feel it, let the love liquid spray out, reaching the peak of unprecedented climax.

Finally, remind everyone that we should pay attention to hygiene when using automatic male masturbator masturbation, so it is best to read the product manual or consult an expert about disinfection procedures before use. Once a gynecological disease occurs, you must immediately stop using an adult male automatic masturbator and actively seek advice from your doctor.

How to use an automatic male masturbator?

When dealing with items that are in close contact with themselves, the majority of female compatriots must pay attention to hygiene issues. First of all, when you receive a simulated automatic male masturbator, the automatic male masturbator is packed in a sterile anti-virus packaging box. You must first install the battery (if it is an electric product), and carefully read the manual and illustration of the simulated automatic male masturbator, then you can apply the special lubricant supplied to the simulated automatic male masturbator, or use a condom On the simulated male root, then you can officially start, insert the appliance into the vagina, and turn on the electric switch to let it vibrate and massage in the vagina, thereby simulating the pleasure experience of reaching the climax; after use, you must first turn off the power, and then Take it out, and be sure to thoroughly disinfect and clean the appliance with alcohol or other disinfectants. After cleaning, you can put it back in the box and store it in a dry place in the room to store it. Access.