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Automatic masturbator

An automatic masturbator is an adult product used by women to enjoy sexual desire. So, how to use an automatic masturbator? How to use an automatic masturbator? Then I will introduce you immediately and hope to help you. Can women reach the climax using G point, what is the effect of automatic masturbator?

Can women use an automatic masturbator to achieve orgasm?

The trigger of the tidal wave is also related to the G point on the upper wall of the vagina. Point G is known as the female prostate. Compared with the male prostate, it is the starting point of semen activation. Studies suggest that ejaculation fluid from females also comes from point G. If a woman stimulates the G point during sex or masturbation, she may have a chance to reach orgasm and experience ejaculation. The automatic masturbator for women can stimulate the clitoris and vulva, which is both stimulating and enjoyable. It is made of the best quality jelly silicone, with no odor, full of elasticity, very soft, and unlimited attention to your skin feeling. The most important thing for private parts is the safety and hygiene of materials. In summary, we can know that as long as the automatic masturbator is used properly, it can achieve better results.

Automatic masturbator function

The surface of the automatic masturbator is treated with a special process, which is as smooth and silky as silk, for a more comfortable experience! At the same time, it is comfortable to touch and brings a stronger sense of pleasure! Frequency conversion design, strong when you want it, weak when you want it. Bring an unimaginable rich shock experience and pleasure impact! The automatic masturbator can adjust the vibration mode to feel the stimulation of the massage vibrator in layers to achieve the climax of ecstasy. Moreover, the vibrator also focuses on the excitement of the vulva and G-point according to the physical condition of Oriental women and cooperates with the characteristic male genitals to ensure that you can enjoy gentle caress. Therefore, the correct use of adult masturbation supplies is beneficial to physical and mental health. It should be said that an automatic masturbator can really help the realization of human sexual physiology, help overcome all kinds of sexual problems people face, help improve the quality of sexual life, and safe and reliable, it can be considered normal, Positive and helpful. It itself does not involve moral, ethical, or legal issues.

Automatic masturbator material

Safe materials: made of medical-grade materials, safe, odorless, and skin-friendly. Waterproof design and whisper quietly-carry the shower with you and enjoy the damp and wild fun without having to worry about disturbing your children or neighbors. Different pressure wave vibration programs and rhythms can give you a new feeling. Charging-Magnetic charging is safe and convenient. Provide more convenience when you travel.

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