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Automatic masturbators

In the relationship between the sexes, there has never been perfection. Either this is too rude, or that is not interesting. Even if you are in love, as soon as you get to bed, all kinds of disharmony can happen. Such as size, length of time, presence of orgasm, good or bad posture. At this time, the advantages of automatic masturbators are reflected.

"Apart from not cleaning the room and cooking, can do anything for you, can make a sweet voice to talk to the owner without any complaints", are you tempted? Even if "she" is not a real person, but has Real human skin-like soft feeling, there are many different personalities and dozens of hairstyles to choose from, customers can even choose what they want according to their interests, this is automatic masturbators.

So is there any harm in using automatic masturbators?

Favorable: Get more sexual pleasure than real people In real life, there are many men who are not satisfied with their wife's bed performance. Why is she not allowed to turn on the light? Why is she only willing to lie down? Why does she not let me kiss her? Why does she always think that I am not good enough ... Real women make men feel troubled, if you change to a physical doll, these problems Perhaps none will exist. No quarrel, no cold war, no need for money to maintain the emotional foundation, automatic masturbators are the most loyal companions. There are disadvantages: it has an impact on the traditional relationship between men and women and human continuity. However, having the best sex experience with automatic masturbators may not be a good thing. This is like being trapped in the virtual world of the network. It is very unreal, but it makes people unable to extricate themselves. When you come back to the real relationship between men and women, you will feel very lost when you compare the two.

Advocacy: The use of individual vulnerable groups British experts have boldly predicted that at least 2050, humans will regard automatic masturbators as lovers, sexual partners, or even marriage spouses, and will become the norm in society. If the predictions come true, the challenges facing mankind may really be described as "harsh". Based on the impact on social ethics and morality, automatic masturbators should not be promoted and propagated on a large scale, nor should they be blown away to the extreme. "This kind of product is not very useful for most people, it can be said that the harm is far greater than the benefit." People who like "houses" are even less suitable for automatic masturbators as companions because it will make them less courage to get out of the house and become more lonely and closed. However, some disadvantaged groups can give it a try, such as disabled people, single middle-aged and elderly people, ocean-going crew members, high-altitude team members, perennial mountain guards, widowed people, etc. Due to their lack of care and insufficient conditions to go to the crowd, Automatic masturbators may be a good companion to help them soothe their body and mind.

In addition to not doing cooking, laundry, and housework, she is your ideal lover. You will never quarrel or cold war. She will always listen to your inner thoughts patiently, will not laugh at your shortcomings, will always support you, and will never give up on you. Such she will be your most loyal partner on your hard work. She will also meet your special needs. Are you still not satisfied with this?