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Best male masturbater

The box of the best male masturbater, as the name suggests, uses chili red as the background color. The designer thinks that this color scheme will look hotter. However, the simple literary font is accompanied by a big red, which is more suitable as a girl. A gift to my boyfriend, and then a quietly came, "Look at this big red, doesn't it look like my tube of YSL matte little gold bars that is running out?

Best male masturbater introduction

The front is NetEase strict selection and spring breeze, the back is the parameter, the left and right sides are also very simple, one side is spring breeze, while writing Netease strict selection. At the bottom is the date of production, and at the top it says "I know it's an unhealthy little pepper at a glance." Although I try hard to make a cute look, I still feel the strong coldness of the wind. The colloid is translucent and soft to the touch. Compared with the flesh and white of Genmu 2, Tenga air tech, this translucent gives I have a more ambiguous sense of temptation.

The channel of this best male masturbater adopts a design with loose ends and tight middles. When you enter the middle, you can feel the pressure of the meat wall. The deeper you go, the more exciting you will be. No need to exhaust the air to vacuum. You can experience a tight grip. The three sections are all spiral bodies, but the winding is natural, and the experience at different stages is very different.

What is the best male masturbater experience?

Let me talk about the thermal lubricating fluid that comes with it. It is a surprise. It will get warm after being applied to JJ, and it feels very warm! This solves a very important problem: after heating the best male masturbater with a heating rod, the temperature will dissipate in a moment. If you are durable or watching the film, it is difficult to feel the warm soothing and reheating. Words affect the experience. Although this one does not have particles, it feels cooler than particles! I used to use Gen Mu's second-generation feeling. The graininess in it feels a little artificial due to material reasons (in other words, the current Gen Mu 3rd-generation wind criticism is not as good as the second generation). After warmly inserting, I feel a sense of tightening layer by layer. There are both soft and firm feelings during the insertion process. At this time, I dare not be too fast to be hollowed out at once.

Best male masturbater experience

The chili best male masturbater has fewer slots, but it is also worthy of attention: the channel design is relatively simple compared to the Japanese best male masturbater. The simple spiral is then divided into stages, and the experience is easy to get tired. The channel design needs to learn from Japan. Experience: For Four Stars, personally, it is a surprise to see such excellent domestic products; Durability: The material is softer, the durability does not lose the same price of Root Mu and TENGA; Easy to clean: Entrance to the bottom It is easy to clean up all of them, and students who want to take good care can buy some baby powder to keep it dry, and the effect is outstanding; (It is recommended not to turn it over as far as possible, which affects the service life) Stimulus: Maybe you are used to the best stimulus Male masturbater, the best male masturbater that always feels re-stimulated, but after using it once or twice, it feels very little. On the whole, it is medium to upper stimulus, close to 3.5 stars; Channel tightness: loose before and after loose, of course, loose is relative Yes, I feel that the whole is relatively tight; Softness: Both elasticity and softness are in place. Do n’t think that softness is not tight. Facts have proved that you can find a balance point;

Recommended crowd: good confidentiality, suitable for student party, also suitable for people who prefer tight and stimulating but do not like too mechanical particles.