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Best masterbation video 

Compared to men, female masturbation is hard to accept. But it is undeniable that both men and women need masturbation. Masturbation is another form of sex, a very normal way of sex. Men can solve their physical needs by "playing a plane", then women can also solve them by masturbating. So, what is the best masterbation video cleaning method?

Features of best masturbation video

A masturbation device is a tool used by men and women for self-sexual stimulation. With the rapid development of social material civilization and spiritual civilization, the use of masturbation devices has also begun to be accepted by Chinese adults. Female masturbators, formerly known as female vibrators and vibrators, are due to the fact that early domestic female products were handed down from Japan and the United States. When it comes to female products, it is not a novelty. Female products are not only used for single women. The use of depression is even more fun for men and women in bedrooms.

Power: It is difficult to hold the hand when turning, and the vaginal clip can be turned normally even when it is tightened.

Simulation degree: It adopts medical silica gel, which simulates human skin injection type silica gel, which is completely non-toxic and harmless to enter the body.

When a single woman longs for sex and has no relief, massage best masturbation video becomes one of her choices. Or couples using massage best masturbation video during sex can get different sexual pleasure and stimulation. So do you really understand how to use massage best masturbation video? How to use massage best masturbation video correctly?

How to use the best masturbation video?

First, connect the charger to charge the best masturbation video. There is a charging hole at the tail of the stick body, just insert the charger connector. When charging, the indicator light will flash during charging, and the charging completion indicator will stop flashing. Lubricate the stick body, and then hold the massage best masturbation video with your hands to use it. It can be held by males or females. To adjust the vibration mode, it is recommended to go from a very slight shock to a strong shock. You can feel the burst stimulation of the best masturbation video in layers, and adjust it according to your own feelings by increasing the vibration intensity and reducing the vibration intensity. If it is held by a lover, be sure to communicate well and clearly tell him what frequency and intensity make you more exciting. ‍

What should I pay attention to when using the best masturbation video?

It cannot be shared by many people, and it is easy to get bacteria. Do n’t over-use, over-use of the shock stick will cause the organ sensitivity to be reduced, so for a long time, the general sex has no impact and pleasure, only rely on the shock massage stick to affect, it will be a tragedy. To use a vibrating massage stick to pierce the vagina or anus, probably use a condom and water-soluble smoothing agent, which can be safer and smoother. After use, the power supply or battery should be removed in time, especially the dry battery can not be in the best masturbation video for a long time. If there is a battery leakage, the massage stick is simply damaged, and the battery fluid is also corrosive. Especially the vaginal or anal mucosa.

Best masturbation videos are all masturbation products that women can use when their sexual desires are not relieved. Their appearance looks like a stick, similar to the shape of a male penis. So it is loved by many female friends. Zhiyuan is now very popular among young women.