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Bluetooth Sex


Bluetooth Sex for Remote Sex

Do you have a partner from the other side of the world? Long-distance relationships are hard especially when you want to develop an intimate relationship. In the past, couples can have phone sex or do sex chats. Exciting? Well, not completely. There is some human element missing in phone sex- touch. You can use all the images you like but without vibrations, pulsations, and sensations, pleasure can only go so far. One of the best sex toy innovations for people in a long-distance relationship is a Bluetooth sex toy.

A Bluetooth sex toy is perfect for couples but can also be used during solo play. Imagine the convenience of hands-free discreet vibration anytime you want to. Some Bluetooth sex toys can let you switch between 7 exciting and mind-blowing vibration modes. If you want to take it a step further, you can even customize your own solo time and create your own vibration patterns.

A wireless Bluetooth sex toy does not only provide convenience, but it can also make you and your partner experiment and explore even when you are in public! Out on a date? Your partner can discreetly control the wireless app and let you feel the highs and lows of vibration. You don’t have to worry about other people hearing you. This modern vibrator is discreet, quiet, yet guaranteed to give you strong vibrations.

If you have difficulty achieving orgasms, you will be glad to know that the Bluetooth sex toy will hit you right in your G -a spot for hours. You can also be sure that this device is body-safe and made from medical-grade silicone. Also waterproof, you can use this in the shower or hot tub for a steamy sexy time.

Bluetooth sex toys are also popular among cam girls and cam models. You can easily have your own interactive live show with your fans and get a loyal following!

Some other Bluetooth sex toys come in a rabbit-style vibrator. This sex toy can stimulate your G-spot and pleasure your clitoris at the same time. You can also play with the different movement and vibration speeds while thrusting the toy in your vagina.

Some other Bluetooth sex toys come in a slimmer body and can be inserted into your underwear. This hands-free sexy wearable vibrator is perfect for a single woman or couple. Imagine wearing a vibrator all day long! All you need to do is connect to a smartphone app to enjoy the multiple vibration settings and functions. For couples, the wearable panty vibrator can be controlled from 50 feet away as well.

For couples, you can enjoy some intimate sexy time even when you are thousands of miles apart. All you need is a Bluetooth sex toy and a cam to enjoy and pleasure each other. You can tell your partner what vibration settings work for you and vice versa. You can even enjoy the club mode wherein you can sync the vibrations to your favorite sexy tunes. This kind of toy helps couples develop a deeper sense of intimacy and can enhance connection.

If you like butterfly vibrators that can hit you right into your G spot, you can even buy a Bluetooth butterfly-shaped vibrator. A Bluetooth butterfly sex toy is shaped with wings to pleasure your entire vulva. This is perfect for women who want intense vibrations and pulsations. You can experiment with 12 vibrating and pulsating functions. Since it is made from waterproof material, you can bring your Bluetooth sex toy inside the shower on your own or with a partner controlling it from up to and 32.5 feet away.

If lovers are separated from each other and can not meet each other every day, it is difficult to maintain the relationship between each other. So Bevan, a sex toy maker, created Bluetooth sex, which provides a sexual solution for long-distance lovers.
Davai learned from foreign media reports recently that Teva’s Bluetooth sex uses a remote sex system, which can simulate real sex. The toy uses an artificial penis and cannula to let lovers pass physiological feelings to each other through the Internet. The toy is responsive to touch, and if stimulated or inserted, another person can feel pressure in the cannula.
The study found that married people who have regular sex are more satisfied with each other’s feelings, and because they are in different regions, the frequency of sexual life between long-distance lovers is less. There is no sexual life between partners, more likely to feel depressed, unhappy, and inferiority complex.
While long-distance relationships make sex difficult, it also has other benefits. According to a report published by the Journal of communication in 2013, long-distance lovers share more private information with each other and have a better impression of each other.
Bevan’s Bluetooth sex provides a way for these people to get in touch with each other. Contact is no longer limited to online chat, phone text messages, or video chat, but it is especially suitable for those who have been working in the military for a long time.
The future development of Bluetooth sex is on the horizon. Current sex devices include Bluetooth sex-compatible clitoral stimulators that can be remotely controlled to allow remote partners to experience sex over the Internet.
Bevan system is the most advanced telex system, but it is not the first to appear. With the continuous development of the telex system, many technology developers have been attracted to enter the sex toy market. In 2014, Lelo’s oral sex vibrator was nominated as the best product design at Cannes International Creative Festival.
According to Bev’s 2015 report, the size of the sex goods market will reach $52 billion by 2020. Although some people are worried about the privacy of electronic sex, for long-distance love, it solves the problem that they can’t contact in other places.

Remote control with a smartphone:
Close range control
You can turn your smartphone into a wireless remote control in a few steps. You can play by yourself or let your partner control your Bluetooth sex.
Remote control
Our app allows you to give your remote control to your partner 10 meters away. Just install the app on the mobile phone, add friends to each other, and give control to the other party on the mobile phone.
Customize your Bluetooth sex vibration mode

Our new programmable series gives you complete control over your toys. In the app, you can set the vibration intensity of “low”, “medium”, and “high”, save it to the toy and use it at any time. You can even create and save up to 10 custom vibration modes.