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Grown Man Toys to Play With

Masturbation can be at times pleasurable, and at times frustrating! Most males can use their hands to masturbate. But using your hands every day can definitely tire you and bore you out of your wits. We all have that moment- watch porn, put out lotion or lubricant, then masturbate the night away. Luckily, you don’t even have to use your hands with the use of grown man toys. Grown man toys come in all shapes and sizes. Head to the nearest sex shop to get yourself one or two!

Aside from sexual pleasure, masturbating has a lot of benefits. It can relieve unwanted tension and make you more relaxed. The release of hormones enables a man to feel more at ease with his body. Some studies even show that masturbating can be beneficial to your health. Grown man toys can make you experiment with different pleasure points in your body. You can tinker with it and vary the ways that you sexually pleasure yourself. You can even let your partner pleasure you!

There are many grown man toys available for you to experiment with.  From the most affordable to the most expensive, there are definitely grown male toys that can satisfy your deepest sexual desires. You can choose from penis pumps, prostate massagers, masturbation sleeves, anal dildo, and cock rings. Grown man, you can make masturbation exciting and new. It can even make partner sex even more pleasurable. With male adult toys, a man can continue finding ways to achieve more intense orgasms.

With all the choices out there, how do you choose your own sex toy? In choosing among grown man toys, you need to take into consideration the size and how compact you want your toy to be. Anyone’s sex life will benefit from high-quality, grown man toys. For grown man toys newbies, you can start with small and simple toys. For those who want to pleasure and enhance their penis, they can use cock rings or vibrating cock rings. A cock ring is a device that you can put at the base of your penis to enhance your orgasms. You can use vibrating cock rings during partner sex to pleasure your partner as well!

A type of male masturbator that can enhance sensation on the penis is a masturbation sleeve. If you want to try it, you can buy a  masturbation sleeve that can be reused and even comes with a case. One brand, the Tenga Egg, is a masturbation sleeve that comes in a cute egg case and has different textures to pleasure your penis. The different kinds of sleeves different feelings and textures. This type of masturbator is disposable and even has a free lube inside.

Another example of grown man sex toys is the Fleshlight. As the name says, the  Fleshlight is a flashlight-looking device that has flesh-like material, similar to the vagina or anus. This device can even be used to train the penis in delaying ejaculation. Most fleshlights are transparent so that you can see your penis inside. Its revolutionary technology can make it feel like either a vagina, anus, or mouth.

Some men feel pleasure when their prostate is stimulated. One of the most exciting grown man toys is prostate massagers or prostate stimulators.  A prostate massager or prostate stimulator can benefit a man both sexually and physically. They can elevate pleasure and orgasm through different vibration settings that you can choose from. Be sure to clean and sanitize your grown male toys before and after you use them and use body-safe silicone.

At a time when most of the top brands of interest e-commerce are still working hard for the “sunshine” of the sex industry, from 0 to 1, a little monster, a brand focusing on adult toy products, has been standing in the sun early.
An interesting brand dares to “show up” in such an enchanting manner at the music festival. Three years ago, it was a bit of a fantasy. This at least proves that little monster has successfully broken the cultural communication dilemma of gray industry by creating brand pan entertainment content and developing IP periphery.

Compared with the next day, the Shanghai International grow man toys exhibition was characterized by an “exciting scene and quiet atmosphere”. The atmosphere here can be said to be “too high and shameful”.
However, this young company, which has only been in the business for only three years, has done exactly what all the practitioners in this industry have been dreaming of for 25 years, but they want to do it but have not done it.
The sexy super blue ocean of the industry attracts more and more people and social resources to enter the industry.
When people’s impression of growing man toys is still the same as “fake Dingding” and “moving mallet”.
However, the little monster ran out of his own way in the IP design language of “Meng”, “Chao” and “cool”.

“Beauty is justice” in the market for growth man toys. If my mom finds one of those things in my closet, I think she might be crazy. But little monsters, at least in my room, I can think of at least a hundred explanations when my mother sees them
“Fake Ding Ding is absolutely unacceptable”
Also attracted by the appearance of the little monster, there is the married Aya (pseudonym), who knew nothing about adult toys before September 2017, and now the frequency has increased to buy them every month. She said that the first criterion for buying a grow man toys is to be cute.
“I thought about putting a window in my bedroom for my toys.”
Beauty is justice, which is the truth that is universally applicable. Even in the field of growth man toys, it is no exception.
But to break the prejudice that has covered the sex industry for 25 years, we can not only rely on the appearance design to “look good”.
Chen Guoyong, the co-founder of little monster, told pan Yuefei that design sense alone is not enough to make a break in the field of adult products. It also depends on whether there is a design theme and whether the comprehensive experience is good enough. When measuring the industry with this “ruler”. You will find that most of the “veteran” in this industry can not be called a brand, only a trademark.
“The root cause is that every woman is worthy of being treated with tenderness, and even so with close fitting clothes. What’s more, growth man toys is a product with negative distance contact. The biggest problem in this industry is the lack of respect for users. No matter in shape design or comprehensive experience. ”
However, different from the prejudice within the industry, the little monster made it to the home page of tmall on double 11, and sold 600000 sets in 2017, breaking the record of domestic sex toys.

Set things right and let the spice brand return to the life brand
There are three stages in China’s growth man toys market
1. The primitive stage of early offline craziness
The rise of e-commerce
3. Brand outbreak period
However, at a time when most people’s impressions of growth man toys are only limited to offline shops, vending machines, and e-commerce, they have quietly entered the field of life and consumption.