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Fox Tail Glass Anal Butt Plug Bondage Sex toy Erotic Accessories Decoration Sex Toys For Woman  And Men Couples

Fox Tail Glass Anal Butt Plug Bondage Sex toy Erotic Accessories Decoration Sex Toys For Woman And Men Couples

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Colors: Brown, Blue, Green, White

Features: Hypoallergenic

Gender: Male, Female



Material: Glass, Faux Fur

Power Source: No batteries required


Waging Your Sexy Fox Tail!

Translate your bedroom into the wildest zoo,everything is just GREAT.

If you are on the lookout for the different anal sex toy which to fascinate people, this is the right toy for you.--Cleverly designed, easy to use, and used in the most stable way. When you insert it, a 27cm artificial fox tail follows behind you.


 •  Many color are available:brown,blue,green &white

 •  Sexy Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug

 •  27 cm length tail, 10cm insertable, 2.5cm diameter

 •  Plug made of smooth glass material

 •  Tail crafted of faux fur

 •  Soft and comfortable feeling for inserting

 •  Tapered tip for easy insertion

 •  Bushy fox tail with striped pattern

 •  The right toy for anal sex beginners, intermediates and professionals.


Get this wonderful toy, which is capable of helping you realize your wicked dreams, and living out your sexual dream. Once you wear the fox tail glass anal plug, it will create amazing waves that bring you closer to the edge. But what most shocking for you is the things --the big faux fur 27cm foxtail in your backdoor.

 The wonderful color provides you a glimpse of what to expect from this sexy foxtail, and it is soft and stretchy, so when you thrust your toy you can do a sexy wag to attract your lover. At least enjoy the show visually with the tail, and plug gives additional stimulation to your sensitive spots.

It is definitely a perfect fit for anyone as they are made to fit anal’ s size. Glass butt plug guarantees your zones in the best and smoothest way, you’ll appreciate how the bushy foxtail. Put on this unique anal plug at a bachelor party and provide him/her with an unforgettable performance.  Or wear it to become your lover's private pet. What’s more, use this toy with any of lubricants for greatest comfort and pleasure if you want.

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