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CB-6000 mens chastity devices best place to buy adult toys couple guy using sex toys

CB-6000 mens chastity devices best place to buy adult toys couple guy using sex toys

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Length:3.51 inches

Width: 1.38 inches

Material: Plastic

Color: Black, White


An ultimate male chastity device --Can't wait to start playing games!

Take your bdsm and role-playing game to a new level!

Tease and torture him at the same time, the cage makes it impossible to get an erection, its features curve and ergonomically formed. Control your lover and let him be controlled by you, or enjoy the pleasure of control, all will deliver you an unprecedented pleasure you’ve never gain.


 Terrific for beginner or expert

 Transparent cage crafted from medical grade polycarbonate for the ultimate male chastity device

Adjustable rings: inside diameter 1.93inches, 1.81inches,1.70inches,1.50inches,1.38inches

 The oval taper pin connects the rings with the cage

 The reinforced underside of cage limits his erections in their tracks

 Open-ended for easy urination and ejaculation during lovemaking

 Match with your favorite bondage set (Hint:SEXXXOTOY provides a variety of sex toys about bondage party)

 With the included rings, the fit can be adjusted to any size


It even comes with a plastic lock in case absolute caution is required (no metal detector alarms are triggered at festivals or even airports!). The men's chastity cage is made of high-grade polycarbonate, a very light, durable and hypoallergenic material. And the cage has the ability to prevent even the most lasting erection. What an excellent suit!

For the user who gets the cage for the first time, the cage is flexible and comfortable, especially its length, plus, the CB-6000 also has a urination/ejaculation hole, which means there's really no reason not to choose it. For more wildest players, such as experts, the rings have a comfortable fit and are absolutely safe. Chastity cages are perfect for everyday wear to deal with prolonged teasing.

The ultimate male chastity device delivers the key holder the right to optimal sexual satisfaction! This cage owns the power to prevent even the most persistent erections, but after the liberation, the penis becomes super strong, arouse his second pole, like release orgasm!

Due to the plastic the locker that you can easily walk through the metal detector with the cage, it’s not a problem to a party or at an airport or any way!

Allure adult couples store -- SEXXXOTOY

Either way, your BP-6000 Ultimate Male Chastity Device is ready to party.


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