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Channel9 Chattanooga tn

New test of the old machine: It is very suitable for the small glue of the juicer. ”—Quad Helix-Pink version (medium-high stimulus), (the format of packaging and gifts is not fixed, and it is normal for there to be discrepancies) channel9 Chattanooga tnx1. The packaging itself is relatively simple, due to the small size of channel9 Chattanooga tn itself, the box itself is not Large, and there is no plastic layer inside, whether it is collected or not, it depends on your interest.

The external texture is very rich, and the existence of these textures is not a tasteless decoration, which greatly enriches the fullness of the feel when used, and to some extent makes up for the original shortcoming of the small channel9 Chattanooga teen's lack of feel. In addition, the material in this work is very soft. It can stand upright after holding one end. The sagging of channel9 Chattanooga tn can even reach nearly 90 degrees, which predicts the experience of its channel to a certain extent. According to the experience of other manufacturers before, the material of the same brand is often used in all his products. There are many large and small bubble holes on the surface of this work, and after several uses, pilling occurs, you can It is a common problem of the soft channel9 Chattanooga tn. Of course, the advantage of this material is that it is not easy to crack like the hard material. The passage of this work has a four-leaf clover-shaped cross-section, but! Four raised grooves between the blades, yes! The four hidden killing chickens under this kind of unpredictable softness are undoubtedly black belly.

What does channel9 Chattanooga tn channel look like? 

According to the structural diagram of the channel, the channel as a whole is thin and straight in the shape of "I", but no obvious cavity design is felt when the finger penetrates into the end. The design of the cavity at the entrance is even more weird, increasing the difficulty of applying lubricating fluid-you must insert the bottle mouth into the cavity to better inject the lubricating fluid into the internal channel. To give a chestnut, the cavity is like The mouth of the person, and the back passage is your throat. Imagine the embarrassment of trying to squeeze something into the throat but only fall into the mouth... Although the horizontal stripes on the surface of the passage are the main part, the design is too fine, You ca n’t even feel your fingers! In short, the sense of existence is too weak, so that the overall feeling is still very smooth.

What is the experience of using channel9 Chattanooga TN?

After penetrating, the cavity at the mouth of the passageway did not have a good sense of wrapping. After entering the real passageway, the smooth passageway surface blended with the four vertical edges of fire and water. The horizontal stripes are like scraping the skin horizontally with a knife, while the vertical edges are just scratching the skin along the blade! Needless to say the difference. It can be said that these four vertical stripes are the magic pen that makes this work smooth and soft without losing the stimulation. In addition to a perfect sense of wrapping, the soft material and rounded end channel opening also make it suitable for stimulating Ding Ding's head, allowing you to continue to pump in when the last bit is out to make the pleasure even higher. Aftertaste of endless second extraction At present, many channel9 Chattanooga tn can't actually do it, which is a big plus. The thickness when using it is still acceptable, but when you use it, you can clearly feel the existence of Tintin, and there will be obvious protrusions at the bottom when you hit it, which is slightly insufficient. However, the stripe's strange touch makes channel9 Chattanooga tn not slippery when used, which is a big plus point. What are the meaning of the uncurved channel and simple structure? That's right, easy to wash! Except for the slight difficulty in the cavity at the end, the whole is very clean. The overall oil situation is so-so, you can still feel sticky when using it, but the smell is very fragrant, and there is no problem with rubber pungent.