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Chronic masturbator

The times are different, so the way men and women enjoy is also very different. In the past, most people used to fly planes with their hands. Now they have a fully automatic chronic masturbator, which can let you say goodbye to manual plane mode. A chronic masturbator can be said to be loved by men. How to use masturbator? The fully automatic chronic masturbator will be more pleasant to use like the one introduced by the editor.

How to use a chronic masturbator?

The electric chronic masturbator has built-in power, which can liberate your hands when you use it, but there is a disadvantage because the built-in electric drive unit, the electric chronic masturbator is relatively large, and the sound will also be loud when working, which may cause discomfort. Therefore, personally suggest that if you focus on portability and privacy, a manual chronic masturbator is more appropriate. The manual chronic masturbator is small, quiet, and concealed, more suitable for portable needs.

Notes on the chronic masturbator

One is to pay attention to lubrication. The chronic masturbator is generally made of medical silicone material, this material will have a sense of friction in contact with human skin, so adequate lubrication is necessary. The second is to pay attention to hygiene. If the silicone is not cleaned, it will breed a lot of bacteria and easily infect the skin. How to use a chronic masturbator? Therefore, you should pay attention to adequate cleaning before and after use. The third is that if you use an electric chronic masturbator, there will be sound problems. At this time, you should pay attention to avoid the crowd. The last and most important is that although the number of masturbation does not affect human health, it is still not recommended that you masturbate frequently. It is better to release pressure moderately.

Advantages of a chronic masturbator

The design of the extrusion pad can independently control the tightness of the channel. How to use a chronic masturbator? The channel is as detachable as possible for easy cleaning, but it can be used separately. Ergonomic easy-grip handle. Built-in USB vibration device, 30 frequency vibration mode. USB charging setting, LED light setting.

How to use a chronic masturbator and the precautions must be understood by boys before using it. The cleaning work after the use of a chronic masturbator is very important. A clean environment can improve your sexual well-being.

The feeling of netizens using a chronic masturbator

chronic masturbator It is magnetic charging, plug, and play. The size of the USB interface is also the size of the USB interface of mobile phones on the market. Whether it is using a mobile phone charger head or plugging in a laptop, it is very convenient, and it is still waterproof. And the product also comes with a lot of things. The lubricant is heated with the heating rod. I tried it a few times, as long as it is heated to about 40 degrees. Putting some lubricant before heating will definitely have an unexpected feeling. "Baby" is very stimulating when used The key is to save trouble. After the base is installed, it can be placed on the sink. The feeling of automatic insertion is very good. How about the chronic masturbator? To fly, you can also control the length of the product's expansion and contraction, as well as its vibration frequency, you can first insert the penis into the chronic masturbator and then turn on the switch to start the automatic telescopic piston movement.