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Dldo newfoundland

Dildo newfoundland is also known as "dildo" which is usually used by women for comfort and can also be used as one of the sex toys for sexual intercourse. Dummy penis is one of the main products of assistive products, and it's relative or related products are fake vagina (also known as aircraft cups, famous molds, real molds, and vaginal membranes are male masturbation devices)

Development path:

The dildo newfoundland (dildo) has a long history. Before the ancient world, there was large penis for the worship of dildo. After entering the modern civilization, artificial penis artifacts similar to or larger than the size of a real male penis appeared and were actually used for sexual or masturbation. Some scholars even believe that the batons used in modern times are actually products of the extension of a fake penis.

The documentary of dildo newfoundland appeared in the 14th century. The "Mr. Horn" or "Personnel" described in pornographic novels is the object, and the material of the fake penis at this stage is mostly ceramic or wooden.

Nowadays, dildo newfoundland is mostly made of soft polymer rubber materials (also made of the high-grade medical silicone material). It feels similar to human muscle tissue, and most of them are powered by batteries. In terms of appearance, the appearance of the fake penis is usually made similar to the male penis, and there are various skin colors or models that can satisfy 99% of female friends!

Before the 1990s, the dildo newfoundland function used to be only "shock". The shock generated by the head of the dildo can provide about 80 Hz of vibration stimulation to stimulate the nipple of the breast or the genital pedicle or other sex above the genitals. ~ Organs to reach sex ~ orgasm.

Today's dildo newfoundland has more functions such as expansion, rotation, and peristalsis. It can even extend a small fork with an oscillating effect to stimulate the clitoris while stimulating the vagina, and the vibration can be adjusted in multiple stages. In case of insufficient vaginal secretion, add some lubricating fluid or condoms.

Nowadays, with the improvement of living materials, the number of gay men and lesbian women is rising sharply. Homosexuality in foreign countries has been recognized by the state. Although they do not oppose but do not support such behavior in underdeveloped countries! Needless to say, gay men, how can we have sex as gay women! ? There is also a double-headed dildo newfoundland that can be used by 2 people at the same time.

Sex toys are not uncommon. It can be bought in "adult health" supplies stores and hotel mini-bars all over the country, and even sold at the counters of convenience stores, with chewing gum and candy. But only 30 years ago, when a couple ’s kissing picture was printed on the back cover of a magazine, it also triggered public criticism. Industry insiders said that the radical change in the concept of sex started during the reform and opening-up period, and sex toys have become global all over the world thanks to the Internet! Have you not used it yet?