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Electric male masturbator

The electric male masturbator is deeply loved by the majority of male compatriots. The electric male masturbator can bring real feelings of sexual intercourse to men and can solve the physiological needs of men. There are many things to note when using an electric male masturbator, so what are the precautions for using an electric male masturbator?

Pay attention to doing hygienic work

The male compatriots should eliminate and clean the masturbation device before and after using the male masturbation device. It is best to bring a condom when using it. The material of some male masturbation devices has not been witnessed by quality. If used for a long time, it will produce a lot of bacteria and cause various inflammations, not only harming themselves but also harming his wife or girlfriend.

Do not overuse electric male masturbator

Male friends cannot overindulge in using male masturbators. Many people have poor self-control ability and cannot control them at all, which leads to overuse and has certain harm to the body. After a long time, their reproductive organs have relied on the size of the masturbator. It is difficult for her girlfriend to achieve orgasm when she is having sex. Only by using a masturbation device can she solve physiological problems.

Age cannot be too young

The age of male friends who use male masturbation devices must not be too young. Minors are full of curiosity about sex itself. If they use male masturbation devices, not only their psychological development is bad, but also their own health. When you have sex with your girlfriend in the future, you will find that you still like the feeling of masturbation, and it is difficult to achieve orgasm when facing a real person. And after using the masturbation device for minors, it is easy to lead to psychological dependence on orgasm.

Although the use of electric male masturbator can relieve men's sexual pressure and can also solve physiological needs, it should be noted that you can't indulge in it, you must learn to be temperate, everything has a degree, and it is not good to exceed that degree. More masturbator will cause great harm to the body.

Many diseases are caused by frequent masturbation:

Frequent masturbation makes people often excited, not getting enough rest, easy to feel fatigued, depression, memory loss, comprehension, insomnia, dreams, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, and panic. But it is not specific. Excessive masturbation may lead to continuous congestion of the reproductive system, men are prone to prostatitis, urethritis, etc., women have chronic pelvic congestion, resulting in lower abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, and increased leucorrhea. Due to masturbation, self-blame and self-crime, remorse, and fear of affecting the health of the body and future sexual function cause a high degree of psychological tension and cause greater harm than masturbation itself. 4. If masturbation becomes the only way to satisfy and relieve tension and rely too much on, it means that the individual's psychological development and social adaptability have encountered problems. Masturbation became a reflection of morbid psychology. And excessive masturbation can cause some urogenital diseases, sexual neurasthenia, etc., mainly manifested as:

Central nervous system and systemic symptoms such as depression, memory loss, inattention, decreased understanding, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, palpitations, etc. Urogenital diseases Chronic prostatitis causes frequent urination, end-urinary dripping, discomfort in the lower abdomen and perineum, backache weakness, decreased libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, etc.