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How long to boil sex toys

From ancient times to the present day, masturbation is a relatively hidden matter, and it is also a private matter of your own, most of them are reluctant to mention it. Masturbation is not a male “patent”. Masturbation prepares for adult sex. Many modern sex education studies have found that masturbation is an excellent way to "self-body exploration". How long to boil sex toys? The purpose of masturbation is to simulate sex to get sexual experience, so let's talk about the sex life skills in real sex, and what are the benefits of sex toys?

How long to boil sex toys--sex life skills

The greatness of mankind is that he can obviously take various man-made tools and organs, but he abandons human civilization instead of using it. He only loves natural and primitive tools: teeth, lips, and fingers. In India, which pays attention to the art of making love, the traces of lust are the best decoration for women. Indian women leave bite marks on their lower lips, just like we sweep eye shadows in the eye sockets, and Indian women put cinnabar on the eyebrows (it is said to be an imitation of kiss marks), Just like we apply lipstick on our lips. The technical essentials of these actions, including kissing and stroking, have been grasped as long as everyone was thrown like a small animal to the mother's breast or sterilized milk bottle. In the long years after sexual maturity, we only need to act instinctively. Of course, the realization of the role of such skills in sex still requires an aura. This aura is usually lit by a bad boy or wild girl, accompanied by the feeling of trembling in the memory.

Therefore, compared with other traces of lust, bite marks are the sweetest marks of love. The sharpness of the teeth and the delicateness of the skin, with the combination of strength and temperature, stimulate the sensory nerves of the human body. At the moment when the teeth bite lightly, both the person giving and the person receiving heart speed up and their blood are excited. The kiss mark is another story. The story of the kiss mark subtly shows people's shyness and boastfulness of the love they get, and then it becomes a scheming.

How long to boil sex toys--the benefits of sex toys

In the past decade, people's acceptance of sex toys has become higher and higher. With the opening of sexual concepts, people's acceptance of sex toys has been very high. At present, more and more couples regard sex toys as a magic weapon. Indeed, sex toys as professional aids, its effect is definitely beyond doubt.

In addition, when using sex toys vibrator, please pay attention not to rinse directly when cleaning, please wipe with a wet towel to avoid short circuit of the switch or power supply and it can not be used. It is best to store it in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity. And it is recommended that you use it with a lubricant when you use it, so as not to damage your delicate skin by improper use. How long to boil sex toys? Silicone products can not be boiled at high temperatures, can be cleaned with special disinfectant, sex toys vibrator can be used with confidence!