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How made sex toys

Many women may have heard of sex products, but they have never used them on their own. Some many young men and women accept sex products to a greater extent, so they will like to try new things in the use of adult products and like to try different sex products. What are the feelings, so I will use a lot of sex supplies during sex and use sex tools should have a degree, then how made sex toys? How should women use vibrators better? What are the advantages of sex toys?

How made sex toys--how should women use vibrators better?

Apply a little lubricant: If possible, apply a little lubricant when the machine is turned off. It will effectively improve the toy experience and eliminate the frictional pain caused by dryness. It is recommended to choose a lubricant with a higher viscosity for the toy.

Explore slowly: As long as there is electricity, vibration toys will continue to vibrate forever. Although overheating may burn the motor, the time before burning is enough for you to explore every part of the body and find your favorite place. Most women use this type of toy for stimulating honey beans. They claim that honey beans respond to vibration stimuli much stronger than other parts, but more women claim that other parts can also bring completely different feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare two or more toys with different vibration types.

Experience different speeds: Most vibrating toys have a speed regulation function (more than two vibration speeds, but small bullet-type jumping eggs usually do not have a speed regulation function). Use it in low-speed mode. If low-speed mode still makes you feel too strong, please wrap it with a towel and try again, or reduce the pressure of the toy on the skin. You may find that the vibration speed and intensity corresponding to the best feeling in different parts of the body are different.

How made sex toys--sex toys

Sex toys vibrator is unique with its unique design concept and brand effect. Inspire design inspiration from fashion and beauty, so that our sex toys all reflect the simple and highly sensual noble atmosphere. Catering to the arrival of the avant-garde trend and a mid-range price that can be accepted by the public, the sex toys vibrator provides a high-quality choice for the traditional sex toy market, and it also blows a spring breeze. The sex toys vibrator is to please modern women and their partners who value high-quality integrity and love while also focusing on design. With the penetration of senses and functions, they can be used frequently as accessories and jewelry, and become intimate partners indispensable for lovers to enjoy sex. The use of sex toys can improve the relationship between husband and wife, so that sex life can be carried out happily without disagreement. However, it is necessary to pay attention to these items that directly contact the body. Before use, they must be strictly disinfected and hygienic. Sex toys can not be completely relied on in sex life, because long-term use is not good for the human body. Use it sparingly! Self-made sex toys are not safe to buy at all, so choose regular malls.