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How sex toys work

I believe that many male compatriots have thought about or have bought an airplane cup, whether they have no girlfriend or already have a girlfriend, they always want to try to pursue excitement, so how sex toys work?

How sex toys work--Introduction to Aircraft Cup

The Aircraft Cup is a male portable masturbator. Under the pressure of modern society, the Aircraft Cup helps relieve the male desire to vent. There is no effect of health care thickening, and it is only used to relieve personal desires like masturbation, so please use it as sparingly as possible. The appearance is small and compact, like a Cola cup, imitating the three channels of sex, mouth, and anus. Due to the high simulation of the built-in structure, it is very realistic to use. For more introduction, please go to the sexxxotoy mall to learn more.

How sex toys work--the correct way to use the aircraft cup

The appearance toy of the aircraft cup is very simple in design, but it is not as easy to use as we think. So, what is the correct way to use the aircraft cup? There is an introduction to the sexxxxotoy mall. The first step: turn the cup upside down At the bottom of the cup, you can see a prompt arrow, tear the plastic seal along the direction of the arrow. Step 2: Open the lid, you can see the transparent silicone is exposed, there is a little sponge at the entrance, the lubricating oil must be pulled out before use, there is a small cut at the bottom of the silicone, this cut is used for exhaust, Not broken. Step 3: Turn the cup over, you can see a label on the top, tear the label, adjust the internal air according to your own usage habits, you can see a small hole under the label. Step 4: Many people are not clear about the function of this small hole. In fact, this small hole is used to adjust the internal air volume to achieve the effect of controlling the tightness. If you like it tighter, squeeze the cup and squeeze out the air inside. If you like it looser, put some air in. After adjustment, put the label back on. In fact, there is another way to use it: directly tear off the label, release it when it needs to be loosened, use it directly, press the small hole with your index finger when you need it tightly, and adjust the elasticity at any time according to your preference. Step 5: Apply the proper amount of lubricant to the entrance of the cup. Ok, everything is ready, let's insert it. Many friends asked if they needed condoms. For safety and hygiene, it is better to use condoms.

How sex toys work----clean and save

Proper use and maintenance of aircraft cups can effectively extend its service life. Use with nourishing and lubricating gel. Do not choose silicone oil-based lubricants, because the formulation may permanently adhere to the product surface. Water-soluble lubricants are your safest choice. Cleaning, before, and after using the aircraft cup, please wash it thoroughly. Rinse the main rubber strip with warm water and professional sex toy cleaning fluid, then rinse with clean warm water. Do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol, gasoline, or acetone for cleaning.

This is the welfare of the male compatriots. Some good aircraft cups may be more exciting and richer to use than real people. They can also reach the time to exercise your ejaculation. Then after understanding the method of using the aircraft cup, you will benefit more. Abundance.