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How to buy sex toys  

Phuket real human height entity doll, beautiful figure, lifelike details, no smell, pure silicone material. Let you be accompanied by high-end physical dolls of Phuket every lonely night, so how to buy sex toys? How to play high-end physical dolls in Phuket? Come take a look.

How to buy sex toys--how to play with physical dolls?

It must be disinfected with disinfectant spray before the first use, or disinfected with wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton wipes, and then rinsed with clean water. When using it, the human lubricant must be applied to keep the inside of the appliance sufficiently lubricated; if the inside of the appliance is not sufficiently lubricated, the resistance to insertion and extraction will be great, which may easily cause the glue at the entrance and exit of the appliance to tear. After use, rinse the residue inside the appliance with a special rinser, and then gently wipe the doll's body with clean water. Dry the inside and surface of the appliance with a dry cotton towel. How to play high-end physical dolls in Phuket? Put on talcum powder and save it for collection.

how to buy sex toys--Maintenance and maintenance instructions for physical dolls

When silicone products are placed for a long time, the surface will have a slight oil leakage phenomenon. It is recommended to perform maintenance every time, at least once a month. If dirt is stuck on the surface of the doll, wipe the surface of the doll gently with a cotton towel dipped in detergent solution. The concentration of the solution should not be too high. Do not wipe hard when wiping. After drying the surface, apply powder or talcum powder to the doll and store it.

How to buy sex toys--environmental doll placement environment

Avoid direct sunlight, the baby will fade slightly after long-term sunlight exposure. How to play high-end physical dolls in Phuket? Should avoid excessive dust, the surface of the doll is sticky and static electricity, easy to stick dust, try to avoid falling dust when placed, so as to be inconvenient to clean. A humid environment should be avoided. Moisture will absorb moisture, which is not good for the doll itself. Do not place the doll on artificial leather or dyed leather seats for too long. These colors penetrate into the doll and are difficult to remove.

After reading the details of the gameplay introduced to you by the editors, do you have a clear understanding of how to play high-end physical dolls in Phuket? High-end physical dolls also need your good care.

How to buy sex toys--a collection

Although the function of "inflatable doll" seems to reduce the spread of sexual diseases on the surface, if multiple people use the same inflatable doll and the disinfection is not strict, it will also be contagious. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of an "inflatable doll" should be used For your own exclusive use. When you choose to use inflatable dolls for inflation, do not fill them up in order to feel good and comfortable. In this case, if the force is too large, it is easy to cause the inflatable doll to crack, it is recommended to charge it to 80%. After using the inflatable doll, in order to keep the body free of hollow, it is recommended to use the inflatable tube to suck out the body gas and let it compress into a thin layer for the next time.