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How to clean anal sex toys

Female friends are much more difficult to get an orgasm in sex life than men, so there will be many problems when sex life is not in harmony. There are more and more single people in modern society. On the one hand, everyone's spouse's vision is too high, on the other hand, there is more and more discordant sex life. Research studies have shown that women are more likely to get an orgasm when masturbating. So today, let’s talk about female masturbation and how to clean anal sex toys? The role of anal sex toys vibrator.

How to clean anal sex toys--women masturbating

Although it is undesirable for women to achieve orgasm, and the number is not orgasm for every ejaculation like men, but women can enjoy a variety of sexual pleasure, today let’s talk about female masturbation Methods. Another orgasm associated with masturbation is pinching legs. This orgasm is still a clitoral orgasm, but it is not a direct vibrational stimulation, but a sensation of squeezing the clitoris and surrounding muscles. In sleep, women will unconsciously experience pinching, wake up and feel the fever of the lower abdomen, sexual desire strikes, and clamp the thigh repeatedly to achieve orgasm. However, this situation is relatively rare for adults, and it has been explained that this kind of behavior occurs mostly in childhood and adolescence, and it seems to have a less positive effect on general sexual behavior. If you occasionally feel thrilled by pinching your legs, you don’t have to feel bad, because there are many ways to provoke sexual excitement nerves; besides, it’s not for everyone to achieve orgasm in such a special way It can be done, so it is also luck.

How to clean anal sex toys--the role of the vibrator

Anal sex toys can help women achieve orgasm more easily. This sex aid can change lives and improve relationships between partners. The most important thing is that when using the vibrator, you can have complete homeownership of your desires-whether you pick it up or put it down, it is up to you to decide. By controlling the amplitude of the vibration, the brand-new crispy feeling makes you free and happy and massages the sexually sensitive parts of users. It can achieve the purposes of physiotherapy, masturbation, and increase the fun. It can also be used for couples to flirt and effectively improve the quality of sexual life.

Women use masturbation supplies to improve the quality of sexual life. Anal sex toys vibrator can make women get sexual satisfaction as normal couples' lives, and can effectively reduce the occurrence of unethical behaviors such as finding a sexual partner or a one-night stand. Anal sex toys vibrator can be used with confidence!

how to clean anal sex toys? In fact, toys also need to take a bath, especially toys entering the body is difficult to avoid getting bodily fluids. The composition of the shower gel is relatively mild. For some silicone toys that love dust, the certain foam will make it easier to wash the dust and dirt above. It is suitable for battery-free and waterproof toys. But do not use medicinal lotion, which is not suitable for toys themselves, and there may be residues.