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How to clean sex toys

With the development of society, people know more and more about sex, so people are no longer cautious and started to use adult products, such as aircraft cups, but many people know that aircraft cups need to be cleaned. So, how to clean the male electric vibration aircraft cup? How to clean sex toys?

The male electric vibrating airplane cup is a portable product used for masturbation to meet the physiological needs of men. It is the most popular sexual health product for men among adult products. The appearance is small, such as the size of a Coke bottle, and some are also made into fruit shapes. According to the function, it can be divided into three channels: oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex. The internal design is designed according to the internal structure of a real person. The material is generally designed with non-toxic medical soft silicone, with moderate softness, which can completely become a substitute for women.

Male masturbation Yin Yin butt mold is suitable for men with weakened sexual function or long-term sexual life irregularities; men and women separated by two places, men with strong sexual desire, and men who are divorced or single; especially recommended for the success of pursuing a high-quality life experience Men. Improve the user's sexual desire, improve the speed of sexual response, increase endocrine, enhance sexual pleasure, increase the intensity of lumbosacral nerve reflex, etc. have obvious effects. The device regulates endocrine according to the principle of medical bionics, and can moderately organize the user's coldness, lack of orgasm or hypersexuality, etc., to achieve a balance of sexual physiology and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving sexual function and absorbing sexual pleasure.

After using the aircraft cup, you can clean the aircraft cup. how to clean sex toys? General aircraft cups are easy to clean. If you use a condom or water-soluble lubricating fluid when using the aircraft cup, then you only need to clean it with clean water. If you clean it with detergent, it may damage the material of the aircraft cup. After cleaning the aircraft cup, the aircraft cup can be used multiple times to increase the number of times the aircraft cup is used, and after the cleaning of the aircraft cup is clean, it is also safer for the human body, which can ensure the safety of using the aircraft cup. Therefore, for your safety and hygienic use, you must pay attention to cleaning the aircraft cup.

Some female friends use the shaker, but do not know how to clean it. Today I will share with you the cleaning method. Use professional how to clean sex toys--disinfectant.

Alcohol commonly used in daily life produces high corrosiveness to soft and fragile sex toys, but if it is disinfected with low-concentration alcohol, it is not easy to achieve the disinfection effect.

How to clean sex toys--Do not use boiling water for disinfection

Neither TRP material nor silicone material can be sterilized with boiling water, otherwise, it will cause problems such as aging and degumming of the material. Soft glue will also produce chemical reactions and release toxic gases, so the correct method is to rinse with warm water.

How to clean sex toys--Pay attention to cleaning grooves

These dead corners must be rinsed off and can be carefully wiped with cotton, etc., to prevent the residual of bacterial dirt, do not use a brush to clean, otherwise, it will scratch these soft rubber materials.

How to clean sex toys-- wipe clean

Use clean towels or non-hair-removing paper towels to dry them by pressing. Do not use ordinary paper towels to avoid the residue of paper scraps to breed bacteria. Pay attention to daily use, and remember to pay more attention to daily use. Choosing the right specifications the most important thing is to choose the right vibrator.