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How to clean silicone sex toys

The common toy in sex life is a rechargeable silicone vibration massager. About silicone: silicone is also graded. Most formal brand sex toys will use medical-grade silicone, which is safe and harmless to the human body and can also be prevented. allergy. So how to clean silicone sex toys?

Regarding waterproofing: If there is no toy with a built-in battery and circuit, of course, it will be okay to wash it, but some toys have a motor battery and must be considered for waterproofing. Toys with external batteries generally do not touch the water and remove parts that come into contact with the body for cleaning. The level of other sex toys with sealed internal batteries is around IPX5. It can't be dust-proof, and the water should not be directed at it. It's okay to splash in occasionally. A better waterproof level will reach IPX7, which can be used directly in the bath and bath.

The following are several ways to clean adult sex toys:

Washing with water should be a common choice for everyone, but washing should consider waterproofing. Simply washing with water requires continuous rinsing for some time to wash off the bacterial dirt on it. Only a short time can clean up floating dust. Not suitable for people in a hurry.

How to clean silicone sex toys--clean water rinse

Toys also need to take a bath, especially toys entering the body is difficult to avoid getting bodily fluids. The composition of the shower gel is relatively mild. For some silicone toys that love dust, the certain foam will make it easier to wash the dust and dirt above. It is suitable for battery-free and waterproof toys. But do not use medicinal lotion, which is not suitable for toys themselves, and there may be residues.

How to clean silicone sex toys--Wipe wipes

Wiping with wet tissues is also an emergency solution. Baby wipes are at least non-toxic and harmless, but only suitable for toys that are already clean. Wiping before use can remove dust well, but it cannot eliminate bacteria.

How-to clean silicone sex toys--alcohol wipe

Alcohol can be sterilized, but some toy silicones have instructions: You cannot use alcohol directly to wipe, because alcohol may damage the silicone. I still prefer to use alcohol cotton pads, because it is very clean after you take it, and it is necessary for lazy people. Silicone is not as fragile as you think, and toys are not an heirloom. You do n’t need to be so careful, but remember to wait until the alcohol has evaporated before you enter the body.

Excessively high-temperature damages the silicone to damage the battery and the circuit. Please don't be obsessed with hot water. Hot water is not a panacea!

how to clean silicone sex toys--special lotion

The special spray claims to be antibacterial and form a protective film, which is harmless to the human body. It sounds very professional and convenient, but the cost performance is not high, and there is often an embarrassing situation where the lotion is more expensive than toys.

Although it is very sterilizing, it will kill people, or it will be electrocuted, or it will explode, which is similar to burning with fire. Never try it.

How to clean silicone sex toys--with condom

Sex toys are always a tool that exists to please themselves. From cleaning to storage to use, it is important to pay attention to hygiene and privacy and pay attention to your health and happiness. You do n’t need to care too much about the toy itself. When using, remember to wear a condom, which is a good match for your toys.