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How to disinfect sex toys

The process of first contacting this kind of thing in sex life requires buffering, not to mention using it in a situation where the other party is repulsive and unaware. Personally recommended, the use of vibrating eggs is ideal, its small size, vibration force is just right, you can put it in your hand "to push the boat along the water." Adult products are different from ordinary items such as clothing. They cannot be washed casually and exposed to the sun to sterilize. how to disinfect sex toys?

If the item can be rinsed with clean water, then filter the surface of the foreign matter and bacteria and rinse it. Then use 75% alcohol solution to scrub the surface of the supplies, and then rinse again with clean water. After washing, put it in a ventilated and dust-free place to dry. It is also possible to use disinfectants and antibacterial agents specifically for cleaning adult products. Follow the steps of rinsing with clean water, disinfection, and then rinsing with clean water to clean and dry adult products. You can also simply wipe with a disinfectant wipe. Disinfectant wipes are not only sterilized by themselves but also disinfect other items. The most common method is to simply wipe with common issues. It can be wiped dry or wiped with clean water.

How to disinfect sex toys--how to disinfect sex toys

Can be disinfected with alcohol: rinse with water, filter, and rinse foreign bodies and bacteria. Then use 75% alcohol solution to scrub the surface of sex toys, and then rinse again with clean water. After washing, put it in a ventilated and dust-free place to dry and store it.

Use a disinfectant and antibacterial agents specially used for cleaning sex toys: Similarly, follow the steps of rinsing, sterilizing, and then rinsing with clean water to clean sex toys, dry them, and put them away. Disinfectants and antibacterials for sex toys are generally sold online, just go to Taobao and Jingdong to search. It is recommended to choose, the safety of the goods is higher. Note: It is recommended to put on a condom before using sex toys that can wear condoms.

How to disinfect sex toys--Notes on using sex toys

Thorough cleaning is required before the first time: the adult masturbation device purchased for the first time should be cleaned thoroughly with clean water before use, and a certain amount of disinfection water should be fully disinfected, without giving bacteria any chance of existence.

Don’t rely too much on sex toys: Some women who use a female masturbation device for a long time to achieve their orgasm, if they can’t respond appropriately when they are in bed with their bed partner, they will mistakenly think that this is a proof of her personal incompetence.

Therefore, please do not overuse female masturbators, which is good for your body and future sex life.

Remember to rinse with a tap: Lubricants are water-soluble and will decompose in water. You only need to wash the adult masturbation device with clean water to wash it! But don't wash it in a basin or other container, just rinse it under the tap to avoid contaminating more germs.

When using silicone toys for lubricants, do not use silicone-based or oil-based lubricants. Use water-based lubricants. Don't forget to wash them off when you are done.