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How to get free sex toys

I have observed a lot of sex toys, whether it is for men or women, large or portable, plugged in or manual, has an important feature: expensive. So how to get free sex toys?

However, "the left hand and the right hand are in slow motion", and the left hand is changed to the right hand for so many years. I am bored. Is it really necessary to go to the "Japanese electric fan"? This is very dangerous. If the electric fan is broken, it will be hot in summer. And if you take it for repair, the master asks how it is broken, and you say: the day is broken. Well, after the opening remarks, I will give you a little dry good. The following is shared by a netizen in Japan: Raiders for DIY sex toys without spending a dollar:

How to get free sex toys--homemade sex toys

First of all, we need to prepare some simple materials: an empty bottle, which can be picked up casually on the roadside trash can, and don’t try to grab it with your aunt! A plastic bag. Since the plastic bag directly contacts your "important parts", it is not recommended to pick it up on the street; it is also not recommended to find those printed with advertisements and painted in color. What if you get rid of the color? Green JJ? The personal recommendation is to go to the supermarket to get the kind of food preservation bag, which is generally free. Some tape used for sticking things can be borrowed in the office after getting off work, it doesn't need much. Wash the empty bottle, and then cut the bottle with scissors. The head side of the bottle is used as the main body. You can cut it according to your "length". The fat editor recommends: about 9CM is left, which is almost enough. used. Remember to leave the bottle caps on, so it works! When cutting, remember to keep it as horizontal as possible, not too many sharp corners protruding, otherwise, the blood will be splashed! Cover the cut surface of the bottle completely with adhesive tape. The purpose is to prevent the cut surface from being too sharp, so you can also cover multiple layers of tape if necessary. Take out the plastic fresh-keeping bag, and then put the bottom of the fresh-keeping bag (that is, the side that does not open) from the mouth part of the half-bottle just processed, and pass through the entire appliance completely. Open the opening of the fresh-keeping bag and pour clean water into it (you can add other beverages such as tomato juice if you have a special habit). You don't need to pour too much water. After pouring, you can use the bottle cap to press the mouth of the fresh-keeping bag and screw on the bottle cap, so that there will be no water leakage. This step of shaping is the most critical. You can open an A film and shape it according to the "shape" inside, which is probably two petals with a hole in the middle.

At this time, if you find that there is too much or too little water just poured in, you can unscrew the bottle cap, replenish or pour out the water in the storage bag as needed, and then screw it again. After shaping, fix it with adhesive tape. Finished!

Free sex toys are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the effects are naturally not as good as those purchased. Sexxxxotoy Mall has more sex toys for you to choose from.