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How to hide sex toys

Many baby friends will encounter the same problem after purchasing a physical doll, that is how to store the physical doll. How to hide sex toys? After all, physical dolls are not like inflatable dolls. They can be folded and collected. Because they are physical, they have built-in skeletons and are not foldable. This is a distressing thing for baby friends. Given the limited family storage conditions of many baby friends, you can consider buying a sofa box to store the dolls. When not in use, lock the dolls in the sofa box. The appearance of the sofa box is like a sofa. At home, don't worry about leaking privacy. In addition to buying a sofa box, you can also place the doll in the closet or under the bed board with storage function. In addition to buying a sofa box, you can also place the doll under a bed board with storage function:

Also, you can put the doll in the closet: but the most important place to store the doll is not just the storage space, there are many details to note:

How to hide sex toys--details

Dolls should not be kept standing for a long time, it is best to lie flat, wash, and powder before storage. Please do not wear dark clothes when storing, to avoid the dyeing of dolls, it is difficult to clean. Avoid squeezing during storage, prolonged squeezing will cause the doll to deform. Avoid storing in places with too much dust. The silicone surface is prone to stickiness and static electricity, and it is easy to be contaminated with dust.

So besides inflatable dolls, see how netizens collect other sex toys:

@vi c: I don't worry about my parents knowing that I have sex. After all, they are all so big. But a mom who urges to get married every day is also distressed, so the sleeves are kept in the wallet, and there is no trace at home, and sometimes spend the night outside in case of unexpected needs.

The brain hole is big enough in unexpected places, and Yan sauce expresses capitalism.

Dust Heart: The business card holder is easy to use, and the sleeves are put into the inserts one by one. It's so cold and unremarkable that I threw it in the drawer of the nightstand as if no one had ever moved it.

@kiki: There is a TOEFL test book on the bedroom bookshelf. I used it in college. My family's sleeve is inside. My parents thought I missed the opportunity to give up studying abroad that year, haha, just go wrong, and they wouldn't come over.

Rampant: I suspect my mother doesn’t know what condoms are. She used long-term contraceptives when she was young.

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