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How to make a homemade vibrato

The characteristics of homemade vibrato mainly include 1. Three kinds of floating-point design, the material is soft and extremely flexible, and the touch is real and delicate. 2. Simulate the design of the shape of duck eggs. You can see the soft white latex homemade vibrato when you open the "eggshell". 3. Homemade vibrato is made of non-toxic latex material with high elasticity, toughness, and softness, which can be stretched at will, which is suitable for users of all sizes. 4. Latex feels like girl skin, real and natural, gentle and delicate.

How to make a homemade vibrato? Homemade vibrato is only the size of a palm, and it is easy to carry! A homemade vibrato is easy to use. After peeling and pouring the lubricant, you can enjoy it freely. Super stretch material, stretch, knead, hold, caress, use eggs freely. Pleasure comes from this and it is easy to clean after use. It's a gift of self-provided and gift-giving!

Female homemade vibrato is based on the principles of human biomimetics, which stimulates women's sensitive parts through massage, thereby regulating endocrine, and has a significant effect on improving female sexual coldness, lack of orgasm, or hypersexuality, promoting sexual physiological balance, improving sexual performance, and achieving sexual harmony Happy purpose. Super high degree of simulation, fleshy material, realistic appearance texture, rough shape, curvature can fully fit the body, super strong rotation, this product has been praised by people from all walks of life and brought simulation products Changes across the ages have enabled modern women seeking a high-quality sex life to enjoy a higher level of sexual enjoyment.

Can homemade vibrato be used often?

Generally, it is not recommended to use it often. A female homemade vibrator stimulates the clitoris a lot. Because she uses it frequently, the sensitivity of the clitoris to irritation is reduced. Now you do n’t use female homemade vibrato. Use the normal method. If she stimulates her clitoris, she will not feel excited enough, so it will be difficult to reach an orgasm. It is recommended to continue using it, but not too often.

How to clean homemade vibrator for women? After each use, wash with a germicidal soap, wipe gently with a soft cotton towel, and let it dry naturally; avoid water on the switch, power supply, etc. while washing, rub with your fingers while washing, Do not use a brush or acid cleaner. After washing, it is best to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, or a high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. After wiping, air dry naturally to avoid exposure to the sun!

Some female friends, to get their own sex life at all costs, put themselves into a love life that they knew was very risky, and ended up riding a tiger. When female friends need this kind of needs, the flower shop can buy a homemade vibrato for a small amount of money to solve the problem, which is simple and safe, without the slightest worries, and can get real pleasure from it; Isn't it better than forcing yourself to find a man?