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How to make homade sex toys for men

The dazzling array of adult real dolls on the market is dazzling and dazzling. These dolls have a delicate touch, and the skin feels particularly realistic. If you want to create a real doll of your own dream, how to make homade sex toys for men? You will have an answer in the future. How to make such a product? We start from the following three aspects:

How to make homade sex toys for men--Mould:

Choose or develop a set of doll molds you want

how to make homade sex toys for men-Technical aspects:

Physical dolls are generally formed by pouring or pouring glue

How to make homade sex toys for men-Materials:

We need to choose an excellent TPE environmentally friendly material. Compared with the silica gel process, it looks really simple, but we always have many problems when we try it. The common problems are as follows:

Bubbles: Surface bubbles are difficult to eliminate during molding; Cracking: Cracking will occur after the mold is cooled and opened, or the glue level is not enough; Coloring: It is not easy to color during the makeup process after molding; Weight: The doll is well made, The weight is difficult to control.

It is very important to choose the right material. For example, Jiu Shuo Xuanli TPE material has been successfully upgraded. The 7th generation hydrophilic skin-friendly TPE material far exceeds the ordinary materials in the market and has the following characteristics:

No bubbles and odor during molding; it is not easy to crack after molding and can be glued; TPE is easy to color to solve the problem; filling materials can be added, which has high compatibility and reduces the weight of the doll without affecting the quality;

Silicone feel, no oil leakage. The 20-degree A and B two-component addition liquid silicone gel is suitable for pouring or injection molding. Main features: The elastomer formed by high-temperature curing has the following excellent properties :

Addition molding curing at low temperature, odorless, and non-sticky. Catalyzed by platinum complex, non-toxic, non-odorous; excellent thermal stability, and cold resistance (use temperature -60℃~250℃). Viscosity can be customized, suitable for pouring or injection molding. Has good flexibility after molding, Shock absorption, and certain tensile strength;

How to make homade sex toys for men--Instructions for use:

Injection molding process: component A and component B enter into the screw cavity of the injection machine through the 1:1 ratio of the pumping system, and the low-temperature molding (100-150) is discharged through the metering and mixing equipment for a few seconds, after curing Of elastomers. Pouring process: Mix A and B components in a 1:1 ratio, mix well, then vacuum to remove bubbles, pour into a clean mold, place the mold in a 130-degree oven, and heat it for about 10 minutes (Depending on product size) molding. 

How to make homade sex toys for men--storage

According to the original factory packaging, stored in a cool and dark place with a temperature not higher than 25℃, the storage period of KUWAIT products is 180 days (based on the date of production). After the product is used, if it is not used, please seal it immediately, otherwise, it will affect the Storage period.