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How to make homemade male sex toys

Many otakus on the Internet are making planes, so how to make homemade male sex toys? There are many ways to make homemade, such as preparing a roll of toilet paper, a condom, a bottle of water-soluble lubricant. First, take out the paper tube in the middle of the toilet paper roll as the outer shell of the aircraft cup, then wrap the toilet paper at the edge position, so that the edge is not so sharp. Secondly, put on a condom with the oily side as the inside, then flip it over and fill it with some toilet paper or cotton, as much as you like, according to your personal preference. Finally, the roll of paper is used as a support. Because toilet paper is relatively hard, it is recommended that you use cotton. It is best to add some lubricant to it so that the whole is much softer. A simple and convenient male airplane cup is thus completed. Remember to wear a condom when using it.

Seeing so many online sales of airplane cups, I can’t help but want to make one myself, so how to make homemade male sex toys? First, first, find a finished potato chips packaging barrel; second, find a soft towel rolled up and insert it; third, make the towel as fluffy as possible; fourth, in turn, find a soft plastic Put the bag in; fifth, you're done, you can start using it.

The Aircraft Cup can effectively relieve your own pressure, especially for single men. It is a good tool for liberation. If you want to achieve the best, you also need to choose a powerful Aircraft Cup, such as Hong Kong Jane’s telescopic lover, which can automatically draw Insert, if you add a generator and a picture of a beautiful woman, close your eyes, as if a beautiful woman is lying underneath you. This state is only known after use.

How to make homemade male sex toys--what does it feel to use an airplane cup?

Most people use the aircraft cup to solve the moment of loneliness. In fact, the aircraft cup is a good product for exercising endurance. The aircraft cup can be used as realistic and soft as possible. It is recommended to use it with lubricants and condoms.

How to make homemade male sex toys--can it be delayed?

There are two functions for using the Aircraft Cup. One is to masturbate to reach the climax of mental stress and enjoy the climax. The other is to use one of the better toys for delay training. Choose the aircraft cup that suits you and do regular exercises. It can extend the time of love and love, which is a gospel for male friends with mild premature ejaculation and impotence. If you need to buy it, please go to the regular mall to buy it.

How to make homemade male sex toys--how to use airplane cup?

The use method of the aircraft cup is: turn the cup upside down, you can see a prompt arrow at the bottom of the cup, tear the plastic seal in the direction of the arrow; open the lid, you can see the transparent silicone exposed, there is a little sponge at the entrance, containing The lubricating oil should be pulled out before use. There is a small incision at the bottom of the cup. This incision is used for exhausting, not damaged. The mouth deliberately flows out; apply the appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the entrance of the cup, everything is prepared When you are ready to work, you can start inserting. For safety and hygiene, it is recommended to use a condom.