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How to make homemade sex toys for men

The aircraft cup belongs to male portable sex tools and health care varieties, also known as enlarged physical therapy cup. It uses its health care function to make male sex organs play a health care role to achieve the effect of increasing thickness. The appearance is small and compact, like a Cola cup, imitating the three channels of sex, mouth, and anus. Due to the high simulation of the built-in structure, it is very realistic to use. So how to make homemade sex toys for men? Aircraft cups are usually made of soft synthetic resin or silicone, and the cheap material for aircraft cups is usually sponge. According to the shape of the aircraft cup, it can be divided into a through shape and a non-through shape. The main difference is whether the tail end is closed. TPE material, so that the aircraft cup does not contain sponge filling and no odor; the meat is thick and full, providing a smooth skin touch experience; the design of the inner wall of the live-action mold, the compact channel brings you an infinite sense of crispness; easy to clean The environmentally friendly design is reusable. To save costs, today I will share with you how Matsumoto can easily make an airplane cup at home?

How to make homemade sex toys for men--History

The classic Tenga CUP consists of a red plastic shell on the outside and white silicone on the inside. Like most new inventions, this is a design that was finalized after trying countless times. Matsumoto Koichi said that the biggest difficulty in the product development process is "the balance between appearance and functionality." He picked up a Tenga Cup from the product in front of him and explained it word by word, seemingly struggling to choose the right words: "The shape design of the aircraft cup is often a straight cylinder. It looks very beautiful. But to achieve a kind of It feels firm and easy to hold. After repeated experiments, the middle part of the outer contour of the cup is recessed."

He mentioned that when he first started his business, he would directly conduct product development at home. The article wrote: "Sometimes having to resort to Viagra, he smiled and admitted."

During the competition, he continued to masturbate with Tenga's products for more than 9 hours. Unlike the adult toys that are characterized by realism and simulation, Matsumoto Koichi's sex toy design is particularly subtle-the curved outer contour of the plastic cylinder, the shell is printed with silver and red stripes, and the word Tenga, So that people who are not familiar with the Tenga brand will not immediately see what it does. This subtlety is Matsumoto's effort to make buying adult products a generous thing - whether it is the later Aircraft Cup with more complicated functions and user experience.

This is not enough. Matsumoto believes that he must make elegant products constantly make people feel novel and interesting, and they want to buy when they see it. So he and his design team are constantly developing different types of aircraft cups.