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How to make homemade sex toys for women

How to make homemade sex toys for women? Here, sex dolls are suspended from the ceiling by chains. She pointed to one of them and said, "This guy will surf, and that one will have freckles." He said she moved her finger to the vein of another silicone man.

His veins are very realistic, and in order to achieve this effect, he will study the human body structure for a long time. Once I did not know how far to set the distance between the eggs and chrysanthemums of the doll. As a member of the obsessive-compulsive disorder family, he consulted many books and finally found the answer in the sex shop.

How to make homemade sex toys for women--penis size

The penis size of sex dolls will also be made according to customer requirements. Since e-mail cannot explain some specific feelings, Bronwen will send customers a reduced sample of silicone eggs and silicone hearts for customers to understand. Some customers want to have sex dolls with a small penis, but so far there are basically no small penis men who will let them model their penis. Bronwen said: "We are looking for a smaller penis."

The couple has already changed the products they designed for women. Silicone men made for gay men usually weigh 49 kilograms and 175.3 centimeters high, but female customers usually have smaller sex dolls. After all, no woman would call female friends to help them move a sex doll. Although many people think that the sex dolls developed by Sinthetics are terrible, they insist that Bronwen will eventually establish relationships with these dolls. In their market, Sinthetics has begun to replace the term sex dolls with "manikins" (manikins) in order to counter the negative effects of product names.

Not sure if women will buy sex dolls like gay guys and straight guys, but the company's previous adventures have paid off: after all, I didn't think that the football match would be so popular. In their office, I also saw a container full of penis. Bronwen said: "We sold a lot of penes."

These penes have different sizes and surface treatments. Bronwen took a bag of the giant penis and said that one of the penis models was a penis, but she didn't say which one. In order to make a realistic doll, I checked a lot of information, but he still didn't know how to make a realistic foreskin. He also said that the penis is always the most difficult to do. When modeling a penis, he needs the model to get an erection for about an hour, which is almost an impossible task.

How to make homemade sex toys for women--jet printing

Like a Greek artist, he will use a spray gun to paint male dolls in a separate all-white room for a long time. In order to make the male doll look attractive, he has to draw many layers on the mannequin. Because males have a lot of body hair, male dolls are more complicated than females. Scientifically decompose the doll production process so that his three employees can help him speed up the production process, which often takes six months. Bronwen thought it was time to make this sex dolls their high-end products. Bronwen said: "Many mid-range manufacturers think their high-end product makers are funny because they are not at all."