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How to make male sex toys

how to make male sex toys? Here are some commonly used methods.

How to make male sex toys--syringe masturbator

Find a syringe of suitable size, remove the needle (if similar rubber products are better), cover the penis, and pull the syringe. At this time, a vacuum is created around the penis, which congests the penis and swells the penis in a short period, which will be pleasant to many men at this time. Of course, when using this method, the action must be correct, the duration of the high pressure should not exceed 15 minutes, add water-melting lubricating oil to the cylinder, and paint the penis around the body. This will not only lubricate but also seal.

How to make male sex toys--orange masturbation artifact

Take a full, large orange. Remove the skin from both ends. I saw a hole in the middle of the orange sac, but the hole was small. Use two fingers to insert into the hole and turn left and right to make the hole gradually bigger until it fits into the penis. And at this time, the orange sack is worn by fingers, and orange water has a good lubricating effect. At this time, the simulated vaginal transformation of orange is completed (note that you must not break the skin on the outside of the orange, which may cause the orange to be scattered when it is pumped up. As long as the two ends are open). Warm the reconstructed orange with hot water for 2 minutes.

take out. Take it in your hand and insert the penis firmly, you will find that it looks like a woman's vagina! Within 5 minutes, your semen will burst out! Very refreshing! The sub-method and (a little taste) comrade's cucumber method has the same effect. However, oranges can hide your secrets even more. The family will never doubt! Even if it is suddenly hit by your family, you can eat it immediately. Never help, so I highly recommend this method!

How to make male sex toys--banana

Buy some bananas, choose one of the thicker ones, take one of them, wrap it with adhesive tape, be sure to wrap it tightly, don't let any part of the banana peel be exposed, then use a knife to cut off the end with the handle Squeeze out the flesh inside and put this banana skin tightly wrapped in tape on your little brother, because it is very similar to the female vagina, and as you rub it, it will become lubricated and the temperature will rise. High, self-made male masturbation can provide you with a feeling very similar to normal sexual intercourse.

Rubber gloves sponge pad

How to make male sex toys--gloves

Prepare dishwashing gloves, dishwashing sponges, two rubber bands, cups, and lubricating oil. Take the middle of the glove and clamp it with a sponge. The small rubber bands tie the two ends. If you prefer to tighten it more, you can tie two more. Put in the cup. Put it in a little bit to avoid slipping too hard. Turn the glove down, cover the cup body, apply lubricating oil, wipe with your fingers, and you are done. Four stars comfort level.