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How to make sex toys at home

The appearance of the lower part of the female is similar to that of a real person, for men to vent, how to make sex toys at home? It is a very popular male sex toy. There are many types of Yin and Hip inverted molds. Some have an only vagina, just to let the penis go in, which is similar to the feeling of the airplane cup. There are no buttocks, there is a female lower body that is simulated, and the buttocks are brought in, which is the conceptual female buttocks mold, and there are inflatable dolls. Sex toys made by yourself are far less realistic than those bought in malls, so let's introduce sex toys in malls.

How to make sex toys at home--how to make sex toys at home?

It adopts live-action mold, realistic appearance, 37.5-degree heating, live voice, earphone listening, spiral twisting, double-hole selection, electric upgrade and is designed from the perspective of male vision and thought. The overall height is 165mm, the width is 205mm, the waist is 120mm, the effective distance is 15cm. The internal floating-point design increases friction and can be twisted in both directions. In shape and size are in line with Western women's figures. It is made from the virtual skin texture of the latest human simulation materials produced in the United States. It is an imported raw material tested by FDA and EU standards. It is a high-standard medical material that is non-toxic, non-irritating, and has no adverse effects on the skin. Virtual skin texture completely simulates the elasticity, toughness, and softness of human skin, and feels better than real skin. Designed as a trapezoidal shape (length 16cm), it gradually warms up in 90 degrees of water, the heating zone becomes softer, with a temperature of about 40 degrees, and at the same time, the appliance warms up the appliance with the help of the heating zone and reaches the human body temperature. The authenticity is strong.

How to make sex toys at home--What's the difference between Yin Hip Inverted Mold and Aircraft Cup?

The person is a real simulation, looks like the latter looks like a large flashlight, or as a cup, are all men's needs, in fact, there is nothing comparable, the role is the same, but the appearance is different, and everyone There are different hobbies, some people will say that the airplane cup is good, and some will say that the yin buttocks are good, depending on what you like.

How to make sex toys at home--How to use Yin Hip Inversion

The use of the male buttocks mold is actually very simple. Before using, apply the appropriate amount of lubricant to the lumen of the device, and then insert the penis slowly. If you can wear a condom, the effect is better. Until the ejaculation is stimulated, clean it afterward. Please use shower gel or special neutral lotion, rinse with water. Do not use volatile cleaning solvents to wipe it. Sprinkle some talcum powder on it when storing the buttocks and molds. Finally, please keep away from ink and fire, and beware of high temperatures.

How to make sex toys at home--is masturbation harmful?

Everything in the world is actually two-sided. It depends on how you use it properly. Men’s masturbation can help men release pressure to a certain extent and bring the gospel to men, but there are always some people who cannot control themselves, leading to excessive use. There are certain injuries to the body, such as premature ejaculation, impotence, etc. I hope that the majority of men will pay attention to their physical health while entertaining.